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Saints News: 5.05.08

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Really only two stories of interest today. The first one is related to the whole Reggie Bush debacle. USA Today had a quick article about the trial.

After months of legal wrangling, New Orleans Saints running back Reggie Bush finally will have to testify under oath about allegations that he received $291,000 in illegal cash and benefits from San Diego businessman and fledgling sports marketer Lloyd Lake.

Lewis denied Bush's request to have armed security at the depositions. Furthermore, Lewis denied Bush's request for his deposition to remain confidential, which means it can be released to the NCAA and the news media. If Bush admits wrongdoing while he was a student-athlete, it could have major repercussions for USC's football program. "We're very pleased the judge put a stop to Bush's ducking and dodging," said Brian Watkins, Lake's lawyer. Lake's deposition is scheduled for June 5 and 6.

The other article is a little more positive. Seems Mr. Benson is throwing a little more money around and has purchased the station that brings you classics such as Famly Guy, American Idol and Seinfeld reruns. The info comes from the New Orleans Saints official website.

Tom Benson announced today that he is purchasing WVUE-TV FOX 8 from Emmis Communications Corporation, an Indianapolis-based radio, TV and magazine publishing company. In addition, Benson announced that he has created the Louisiana Media Company, a global media group, focused on the acquisition of radio and television stations as well as movie production, to be headquartered in New Orleans.

Benson, a New Orleanian and the owner of the New Orleans Saints, cites his unwavering belief in the recovery and rebirth of his native city by agreeing to purchase, in partnership with like minded business and civic leaders, one of the most powerful local television stations in the market.

“While many are hesitant to invest in this city and state, I am not,” said Benson. “This is a very good business decision for us and creating the Louisiana Media Company is another vital piece that will benefit the continued economic development of our region and further support our local and state communities.”...Benson’s purchase of WVUE-TV Fox 8 is the first action of what will be a series of media acquisitions by the newly created Louisiana Media Company.

It's good to think that Tom Benson really believes in the development of this city. I'm sure this was really all motivated by money, but it's nice to dream isn't it. Keep note of that last point in the quote. There may be more moves made by Benson and his new media company, so keep your eyes open.