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Getting to Know: Sedrick Ellis


He is not Glenn Dorsey, but he is good. Damn good. In fact, most scouting reports had the two players very close in ability and had Dorsey not been in this draft class, Ellis would most definitely have been rated higher. I know we all would rather have seen the more talented hometown hero from down the road get drafted, but it just didn't happen, so deal with it. You all have probably read everything you can read on our new first round pick, but in keeping with CSC's long standing traditions (long=one month), I present to you our scouting report on Sedrick Ellis, the man expected to help turn our defense around.

It is obvious to everyone that the Saints needed help on the defensive line this season. There is nothing I hated more than watching opposing quarterbacks have all the time in the world to get rid of the ball last season (I timed it with my hourglass). Ellis is the perfect solution. He is quick and athletic and great at rushing the passer with a motor that never stops. He will disrupt the pocket even when given two blockers. His 8.5 sacks last year are a testament to his pass rushing ability.

"Saints fans are going to be very happy with his pass rush skills and his ability to make plays," Orgeron said. - The Sporting News

Ellis is a little smaller than would be ideal, but his strength should make up for that (he benched 7 more reps than Dorsey). He is also very skilled in his handwork. In looking for current NFL comparisons, one should look at  La'Roi Glover (remember him?) and Ellis' own predecessor at USC Mike Patterson.

On the personal side he is without issues. He has a great personality and is very fun loving. He's also very competitive, strives to improve, listens to coaches and spends a lot of time in the weight room.

In college he played as a nose tackle, and there are concerns about him fitting in with a two gap system though the man himself says he can do it all...

Q: What tackle position do you fit in at best, the nose or the three technique?

A: I feel that I can play any position. Whatever you need out of me, I think I can play. I think those guys recognize that. I played nose tackle primarily in my college career. I played the three technique also. I think I showcased what I can do. I think I have shown the teams that I am more versatile than what they previously might have thought.

The only other concern regarding Ellis is his durability. He redshirted his freshmen year because of a broken ankle and in 2006, his junior year, missed three games because of torn cartilage in his right knee.

With a rotation combination of Ellis, Smith, Grant, McCray, Young and Thomas we are vastly deeper and improved on our defensive line. I am liking this new look defense, in large part to our new DT, and I am just praying that our offense doesn't completely collapse in the same year our defense shines. C'mon, you know thats what is gonna happen!

Enough of my analysis, just listen to the experts. Check out New Era Scouting , Sports Illustrated , and FF Toolbox for more scouting reports.

Read these articles for more knowledge on his personal life and college career.

Name School Position Hometown DOB Ht. Wt. 40-Yard Bench Vertical 3-Cone
Sedrick Ellis USC DT Chino, CA 7/9/85 6'2" 305 5.01 34 26.5 7.78


Year GP Tackles Tackles For Loss Sacks
2003 1 0 0 0
2004 11 2 0 0
2005 13 50 8 4.5
2006 10 34 8 4.5
2007 13 58 12.5 8.5
Totals 48 144 28.5 17.5


Here are the scouting reports on the big man, from , NFL Draft Countdown, and ESPN Insider, respectively.

The Good...


Positives: Has a shorter than ideal frame and lacks great bulk for a two-gap system, but is very effective playing the three-technique...Has good bone structure and while he might be at maximum growth potential he has thick thighs and calves and long arms with good muscle tone...Runs with a normal stride and shows the ability to quickly accelerate off the snap...Demonstrates the foot quickness, balance and agility to make plays on the move, showing above average change of direction agility and valid speed to pursue long distances...Possesses very good body control on the move and has the speed to make plays on the far side of the field...Adequate student in the class room, but does a good job taking plays from the chalkboard to the playing field...Has valid instincts to locate the ball and plays with good alertness (very aware of blocking schemes)...His suddenness and aggressiveness off the snap will generally surprise a lethargic blocker...Likes to train and does everything the coaches ask...Will play through pain and does so with good intensity...Locates the ball and reacts to pressure quickly, doing a nice job of adjusting to the action on the move...Has the sudden burst to gain advantage off the snap and with his keen feel for the snap cadence, he is not the type than can be fooled and drawn off side...Is a disruptive sort who can explode into an offensive lineman when he keeps his pad level down...Has the strength to create a new line of scrimmage vs. the running game, and when he generates good hand placement he can hold ground at the point of attack and win one-on-one battles (will struggle when his base narrows or his hands are outside the framework)...Shows the foot quickness and the lateral quickness to redirect and accelerate to the ball...Has the ability to disengage from blocks with his strength and quickness...Uses his hands, along with quickness and leverage, to redirect and is very good in attempts to stack (when he sinks his weight he can split the double-teams)...Has the valid upper body strength to separate, disengage and shed...Will usually play low with leverage...Reacts to pressure with good body control and is quick to recover when he out-runs the play...Has a variety of counter moves and uses his hands with good effectiveness to shed...Has the ability to grab and rip, whether as a pass rusher or vs. run blockers...Shows good agility in pursuit, accelerating quickly to the ball...More of a hit-and-wrap tackler, as he has the strength to take down the ballcarrier and will generally stay in control while on the move, especially when shooting the gaps...Shows good explosion and strike ability behind his wrap tackles...Burst to close, but is more relentless than sudden in long pursuit...Does a very nice job of getting under the ballcarrier, as he is quick to uncoil...Shows good strength in his bull rush, using his hands well...Alert to the location of the ball when rushing the quarterback and has the strong, quick hands to control and shed blockers with authority...Shows intensity and desire to get the ball in space, closing on the passer with good acceleration...Can defeat pass schemes on the way to the quarterback, demonstrating that solid extra burst to close on the QB with good surge, desire and second effort.

Very quick with a great first step...Very strong and powerful...A terrific pass rusher with the burst to close...Athletic with good speed...Instinctive...Sheds blocks well and is able to beat the double team...Is technically sound when it comes to using his hands and understanding leverage...Has a non-stop motor...Tough and a very hard worker with top-notch intangibles...Has experience at both tackle positions.

Strengths: A disruptive, penetrating interior defensive lineman. At his best in a one-gap scheme but has some versatility due to experience as a nose tackle and three-technique. He is extremely disruptive versus the run. Displays outstanding initial burst and wins most of his battles with first-step quickness. Shows outstanding body control and stays on his feet. Uses long arms to keep separation and does an excellent job of disengaging from blocks and keeping on the move. Exceptional technique; uses his hands effectively and his feet never stop moving. Recognition skills are very good and he's athletic enough to change directions and pursue once he penetrates the backfield. He consistently generates pressure as a pass rusher. Shows upper-echelon closing burst for his position and also does a good job of batting down passes once he realizes he's not getting to the QB. Plays with a great motor and works very hard on and off the field. Never gives up on a play and his effort is infectious.

The Bad...

Negatives: Lacks the ideal size you look for in a two-gap defender and might be a better fit to play under-tackle at the next level, which will limit the teams that will put a high priority on his services (teams like Tampa Bay, Indianapolis, Philadelphia and the New York Jets play the system best suited for Ellis)...Has good upper body power, but he fails to anchor strongly vs. plays directed right at him...Needs to maintain a lower pad level (showed marked improvement here in 2007), as when he gets too tall in his stance he narrows his base, which allows the physical blockers to push him off the snap...Better tackler on the move than in tight areas, but he does show good angle concept when closing on the ball...Has had some leg injuries (left ankle fracture in 2003, right knee torn cartilage in 2006) that robbed him of some of the explosiveness he showed as a prep player...Has a compact frame, but he can't add any more bulk without having it impact his overall quickness...Field smart player, but his adequate academics might indicate he would need time to digest a complicated playbook.

Doesn't have the ideal height or bulk that you look for...Has some minor durability issues...Might have some trouble holding his ground at the point against massive blockers...Limited schematically and probably won't be a perfect fit for every team.

Weaknesses: Undersized; lacks ideal height. Not an ideal fit for two-gap schemes. Durability has been of an issue; redshirted in 2003 due to injury that required surgery and missed three games in 2006 (Nebraska, Arizona and Washington State) due to right knee injury that required arthroscopic surgery.  Q&A...

Growing up, who was your favorite NFL player and why?
Warren Sapp and Reggie White.
In college, what player hit you the hardest? Who was the recipient of your best hit?
Brady Quinn, Drew Olson.
What TV-show marathon will keep you on the couch all day?
The Christmas Story.
What celebrity would play you in the movie version of your life and why?
Michael Clark Duncan because he is a big frame, no nonsense guy.
What is one thing your teammates don't know about you?
I was a great basketball player before I played football.
What reality TV show would you like to be on and why?
Run's House. They are down to earth.
What's your proudest moment in football? Proudest moment off the field?
When I got three sacks in one game.
Who has been the biggest influence on your football career and how?
My mom and dad, my friends and coaches. Coach Masandi (high school), Coach Carroll, Coach O, my fans. They kept reassuring me when I had doubt.