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Saints News: 5.09.08

Seems like the Bengals are gonna be the ones to make a play at Shaun Alexander, not the Saints. The Cincinnati Enquirer has the article.

Jim Steiner, Alexander’s agent, said he will be in contact with the Bengals.

"We'll be talking to Shaun today and in touch with Bengals today or tomorrow," Steiner said this afternoon in an e-mail to the Enquirer.

The Times-Pic released an article today about Sedrick Ellis and DeMario Pressley and their hopes for the upcoming season.

"I feel like I'm looking for an immediate impact," Ellis said this week. "They made the pick for a reason, and I assume they want me to play as soon as possible. So that's definitely my goal, to get down there and work hard and try to play as soon as I can."

Pressley was equally effusive.

"I know they need some help, and me, personally, I want to be that guy," Pressley said. "I want to come in, and I want to contribute as soon as possible."

Ah, yeah. Could ya please?

I thought this was funny...

Ellis also will be able to understand Orgeron's Cajun accent, native to Orgeron's Cut Off roots.

"When he's yelling and the other guys can't understand, I might have to help them out," Ellis said, laughing.

I'm a little worried about DeMario.

"I do a lot of conditioning work first," Pressley said. "Then I hit the weights, and I'm done for the day. I've been trying to get outside some, but it's been raining and cold. I know it's going to be pretty hot down there, so I've been trying to get accustomed to the heat. It's not working because of the rain and stuff."

Ugh. This kid has no idea what he's getting into. It's gonna be 90 degrees today. And good luck in Jackson. In August.

Sedrick closes it out.

"But it's a great responsibility at the same time. (The Saints) definitely have a need, and I feel like I can come in right away and help them out with the problems they're having, just make the team better in general."

The Sun Herald also had a quick blurb about todays mini-camp, enlightening us about the possibility of undrafted free agents making the team.

"It's interesting when you look at it, there have been a number of free agents that not only have made teams, but have been Pro Bowl players," Payton said. "There's still a fair amount of work to do. We're looking to find a Pierre Thomas, a Steve Weatherford, a Tyler Palko - these are all guys that have made our team. Tony Romo made our team in Dallas when I was there."

Other Saints who made an NFL roster via the undrafted free agent route include defensive tackle Hollis Thomas, running back Aaron Stecker, cornerback Randall Gay, wide receiver David Patten, left guard Jamar Nesbit, defensive tackle Antwan Lake, safety Kevin Kaesviharn, linebacker Troy Evans, wide receiver Terrance Copper, tight end Ronnie Ghent, safety Chris Reis, wide receiver Lance Moore and tight end Mark Campbell.

Following Tom Benson's purchase of WVUE Fox, The Fanhouse tells us they think the Saints are here to stay. I think thats probably true.

This site is pretty cool! Make your own Saints shirt! And no, I don't get any money from linking this.

I will try and get you the latest news from mini-camp as soon as I can. Please feel free to put up FanPosts and/or FanShots of any links or anything newsworthy if you find it first!