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Saints and Music Series: Soul Rebels

In what may well be the final installment of CSC's Saints and Music Series we bring you an interview with Marcus "Red" Hubbard trumpet player for Soul Rebels Brass Band. Marcus is a die hard Who Dat and his answers were short and sweet, but they say everything that needs to be said.


The band standing outside of Le Bon Temps their weekly haunt, located on Magazine St. (

CSC: How long have you guys been Saints fans?

MH: All my life.

CSC: Do you have any memorable Saints moments from your past?

MH: The first playoff win.

CSC: You guys going to any games, maybe London?

MH: I hope.

CSC: What do you guys do on gameday?

MH: Bar-B-Q at the house.

CSC: Who are you favorite players and why?

MH: Reggie Bush. He is "the man."

CSC: How do you feel about the Saints off-season moves?

MH: Real good.

CSC: What do you think about the Saints new draft class?

MH: I think they will fill some needs.

CSC: Who do you think will start at running back this year?

MH: Deuce!!!!!!!!!!

CSC: Who do you think will step up as the number two receiver behind Colston?

MH: Meachem.

CSC: What do you think will be the keys to success this season?

MH: D-Line

CSC: Wanna make a prediction on the Saints final regular season record this year?

MH: 11-5

CSC would like to thank Marcus and the Soul Rebels for taking time out of his busy schedule to answer my questions. You can catch them at Le Bon Temps nearly every Thursday night or check out their website.