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Saints News: 6.11.08

And away we go.

Starting off with an article that really isn't even about the Saints actually. I guess the Sun Herald felt that Eli Manning is New Orleans related enough and so they bring to you this article. It's all about Eli and the Giants outlook for next season.

"We've said we're not going to talk about repeating or doing that, just becoming a better team,"

Becoming a better team so you can win another Superbowl! C'mon, don't give us this B.S.

The article also tells us that the BBC will be offering live coverage of the London game on October 26th.

The New Orleans Saints official website had the follow up on the Saints rebuilding project yesterday. Some quotes for ya'.

"It’s an awesome sight," said Payton as he stood over a metal fence that he and four other players were sanding rust off of and applying a fresh coat of black paint. "The guys know how important these type of things are to our community. We are all in this together. This is our city. This is our home. We are just doing a small part, but it matters to the people that live here and it shows we care about them."

"Living here and playing here in New Orleans is a privilege," said Bush. "To be able to come out here as a team and make a difference is special. A woman that lives here in the neighborhood told me that it gives this community a sense of pride that the Saints came out here and lent a helping hand. I think we are all taking something very positive away from this experience."

"This is something else to see," said Benson. "Look how hard this men are working and how proud they are of what they are doing. Each one of these men really cares and want to make a difference. It’s a heartwarming day for all of us and it makes me very proud."

Also from the New Orleans Saints official website is this quick article about Tom Benson being honored by the Volunteers of America.

Volunteers of America, one of the nation’s largest and oldest human services organizations, has selected New Orleans Saints’ owner Tom Benson as the winner of its annual Good Samaritan Award in Philanthropy in recognition of his incomparable efforts to rebuild the region following Hurricane Katrina.

Congrats Mr. B.

The Times-Pic wrote a little something something about the leagues attempt to reduce the number of serious head injuries.  Here's whats happening.

With the NFL poised to hold a forum today on concussions to be attended by members of each team's medical staff, the league has formulated new guidelines on how concussions will be handled.

Check out the rest of the article if you are really interested in this. It explains the new guidelines.

The guys over at Who Dat Say will act as ambassadors of New Orleans to Adam, the NFL loving Brit who has sold his apartment and made it his life's mission to attend 35 NFL games in one season. Part of Adam's adventure includes three Saints games. Check out Who Dat Say's plan and check out Adam's website.

CSC only has one question for Adam. Do you have a job and/or a girlfriend/wife?

I don't know if anyone else noticed this or maybe I missed something but I haven't heard anything else about Colston? Why was he missing from OTAs the other day? Anyone know anything?