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Saints News: 6.14.08


I found this article on about new Director of Football Administration, Khai Harley. This guys got a long, impressive track record and its all covered in this article. It also tells us exactly what his responsibilities will be with the New Orleans Saints.

With the Saints, Harley will research contracts and cap statistics from not only the club but from around the league. It is similar to the daily and yearly reconciliation he did for all 32 clubs, where he calculated cap figures for each team, made adjustments for the following year and analyzed statistical trends related to player signings.

In New Orleans, Harley's duties will also include coordinating different areas of the football operations, contract negotiations, and being involved in the administrative functions of running the club.

Time for yet another Live Chat from the Times-Pic.

On Skyler Green.

The speculation on Green has risen a great deal over the past several weeks.   I can't tell if that's more because the fans are so curious about him and won't let the topic go, or if it is because Green is impressing in camp.

Maybe a little of both?   Seriously, if Green can make an impact on special teams (which Henderson doesn't appear capable of doing, and Lance Moore is only so-so at), he has a shot, and a good one at that.

We won't really be able to judge his return skills until he gets into a live game situation though, so Green fans wil have to wait until the preseason gets here to get a better idea.

On who will have the biggest impact this year on defense.

Well, with Will Smith back in the fold (hooray!), I'm tempted to say him.   No other player on that defense (with the possible exception of a healthy Mike McKenzie) is as important to the Saints' success, and I'm hoping for big things from him this year.

As far as newcomers, OTA attendees are raving about Bobby McCray, and obviously Sedrick Ellis is going to be an important cog as well, but if Jon Vilma can come in healthy, he's a 200-tackle kind of player ... meaning he could have a major impact right away.

On Colston's contract.

Nothing new to report, though I think it's important to note that the Saints ARE negotiating with him.   It's not like there's some line in the sand that neither party is willing to cross, or that either side is feeling bitter or angry.   I think a deal will get done on that basis alone.   It's just a question of when.

On the Saints possibly acquiring Matt Jones.

There are rumors that Jones is falling out of favor in Jacksonville and could be cut soon -- so I give you props for staying on top of things.

I'll ask you this, though.   If Jones can't beat out the likes of Troy Williamson, does he even have any chance at making this Saints roster?   I'm not so sure he does.   Is he worth  a look?   Maybe.   Is he going to be a major contributor for someone?   Probably not.

I can just agree to disagree I suppose -- He had a Pro-Bowl level QB last year in David Garrard, and yet he didn't produce.   Okay, give him a pass for the frustration thing ... you'd think he'd be onboard now.   But he isn't.   Maybe he's being scapegoated by the coaches, but he's just not doing well in OTAs -- running third-team at best.   I just don't see how a guy like that is liable to help you.   Sure he can turn it around, but will he?   It's looking rather doubtful.

Here's a heart warmer from Zach Strief is having his annual benefit dinner.

"I hope to continue to help out locally in my hometown of Milford this year and also to start working even more to help out in the New Orleans area I have grown to love by way of recreational and mentoring programs," Strief said in a press release.

Sadly, the New Orleans Voodoo lost another close one last night that would have locked up a playoff spot. This one is going south real quick. It's an awfully familiar feeling.