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Saints News: 6.15.08

Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there!

I am surprised nobody thought to put this up in a FanPost.

The big story in NY yesterday was Jeremy Shockey's shouting match with Giants GM Jerry Reese on the final day of minicamp. The original report was from The Bergen Record. This may very well be the last straw for Mr. Shockey. Every NY media source covering the story seemed to suggest a trade now was very likely and very much wanted by Shockey, sportswriters and fans alike.

After the shouting match, it may well have reached the point where Reese will entertain offers.

The Saints tried to make a deal around draft time, while the Buccaneers also may have an interest.

The Giants won the Super Bowl as a team. They don't need Shockey tearing that down. - Big Blue View

Here's our solution: Trade Shockey. Pay Plaxico. - NY Daily News

This sure looks like Shockey is trying to stir up as much trouble as possible in an effort to get traded. And I’m starting to think that a trade might not be such a bad idea. - NY Daily News

The Giants will have to decide whether to keep Shockey or move him, perhaps at less than market value. - Fox Sports

Right around the draft, the Saints wanted Shockey and offered the Giants their second-round pick this year and their fifth-round pick next year. Considering Shockey's behavior, the Giants blew it by not taking those two draft picks and saying goodbye. That is probably going to be the best offer they get.

They should get back on the phone with Saints coach Sean Payton and hope he still wants the player he coached as a rookie to provide firepower for Drew Brees. The Giants have lost their leverage with teams knowing they have no choice but to trade him. They must get rid of him before training camp or risk his bad attitude poisoning the locker room. - NY Daily News

So does this mean Roman Harper should start packing his bags? Should Eric Johnson, Billy Miller or Mark Campbell be worried? Seems the Giants may not be so picky regarding trade offers a second time around. Heck, at this point lets see if we can give away someone else not nearly as good as Harper. I actually like him.

The Times-Pic also had coverage of the whole Shockey scandal. Not much else new to be learned, its just a review of the entire drama from its beginning earlier this spring.

I did like this part of the article though.

Here's a shocker: Shockey and Burress are represented by Drew Rosenhaus.

Ain't that the truth.

The rest of the article had had a league roundup of news including the latest on Chad Johnson, Cedric Benson and LeCharles Bentley.

The Sun Herald did a review of minicamp and a look toward training camp. You can read it for yourself but I will sum it all up.

  • Meachem was looking good.
  • Henderson and Moore are in danger.
  • Colston is serious about his contract.
  • They believe Tracy Porter is ahead of Usama Young on the depth chart.
  • Jason David doesn't look to start.
  • Vilma will be the starting MLB by the end of training camp.
  • Keep an eye on Chris Barclay.
  • DeMario Pressley needs to get healthy. Quickly.
  • Reggie looks skinny.

Next up is a clip from Pro Football Weekly about Jonathan Vilma. Its from a couple of days ago, but still relevant.

The major piece of the Saints’ rebuilt defense, MLB Jonathan Vilma, told PFW this week that he’s in the final stage of his rehab from surgery last fall to repair a dead piece of bone that became dislodged in his knee, and that the knee held up well through the team’s OTAs and minicamp.

They had some quotes from Vilma, but I am pretty sure they were old and we have already seen them.

Here is the obligatory article about the first family of football, the Mannings, from Fox Sports. I swear they have one of these write-ups about once a month. This time its in a Fathers Day wrapping. Of note in the article, apparently Eli and Peyton weren't very close until Eli became QB for Ole Miss and they shared the common experience of being an SEC quarterback.

"It was something all of a sudden in common we could talk about," Eli said.

Peyton closes out the article.

"It's great when we come to New York now, too," Peyton said, "because he picks up dinner."

I seriously smell a reality show. Maybe after they both retire. Peyton does have that natural on camera presence that makes him very funny. If they came out with a reality show, what would they call it? Leave your submissions in the comment box.