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Saints News: 6.16.08

Sorry guys, really not too much today. Fortunately for you though, CSC will have an exclusive interview with Usama Young later this afternoon at 1pm so be sure to check back.

Mike Detillier (I just like to say his name) had his usual Sunday article in the Houma Courier.  It all revolves around something Ed Orgeron told Detillier a few weeks ago.

“When we grew up, the skilled people in football were the running backs, wide receivers and quarterbacks. But in today’s game, it has to be the defensive linemen, and a close second would be at cornerback.”

He follows it up by talking about the ridiculous contracts that have been shelled out to defensive linemen and cornerbacks. Will Smith, Charles Grant, Dwight Freeney, Nate Clemens, Jared Allen, Tommy Kelly. Marcus Trufant. DeAngelo Hall. The list goes on.

Former Saint Steve Korte gives his take on it.

“There is no question the huge contracts are going out to the defensive linemen and cornerbacks. But with 32 teams now and just not enough players at those spots, even some of the above average players are getting the huge dollars,” Korte said. “Ten years ago the top money was going to the guys that put the ball in the end zone, and there was an effort from the high school ranks and into the college game to put their best players on the offensive side of the ball. Over the course this has created a huge void for some spots on defense, and there has to be an adjustment somewhere to get athletes to slow down the offensive playmakers. There are just not enough really good defensive linemen and cover cornerbacks to combat the onslaught of the offensive talent coming out of the college ranks.”

Packers GM Ron Wolf also weighs in.

“In the early stage of free agency, guys like Reggie White and Deion Sanders got the best money deals, but they also were the best players at their respective positions,” Wolf said. “You now have teams trying to get top players at cornerback and defensive end. For some teams, that means paying out a great deal of money for average to above average players. Paying the top players at their craft is not the problem. The problem is paying top dollar to the average guy who has one good season.

“The good teams find players at those respective spots and then they lock them up long term. It all boils down to drafting well and then having the right money package to secure them with the team. Just check out the winning teams in the NFL.”

Detillier ends the main article with this observation, which I whole heartedly agree with.

While we are giving out kudos, New Orleans Saints fans have to throw a lot of credit the way of owner Tom Benson. There was speculation that maybe Benson would not spend the money to keep this team competitive in the post-Katrina time, and this would give him his free get-out-town pass, but that has not been the case.

In the post-Katrina era, Benson had shelled out contracts to Smith, Charles Grant, Reggie Bush, Drew Brees and Bobby McCray, worth a combined $275 million.

Of that money, $97.3 million was given out in guaranteed money.

There is really no reason to even play out the 2008 season anymore. Our fellow Saints fan Wolfta has already let us know, via YouTube, how the upcoming season will turn out. This is pretty funny. Check it out!

You heard it here first! Saints will go 13-3 this season and defeat the Seahawks in the NFC Championship 28-21 facing a 12-4 Colts team, coming off a 35-32 win over the Patriots in the AFC Championship, in the Superbowl. Classic!

Thats all I got. Check back at 1pm for a little bit o' Usama.