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Who Would You Keep?: Linebacker


Yup, you guessed it. Its time to give you guys another chance to play coach and explain who you think will make this years squad. This week its the linebackers. To me, it seems the first 4 are obvious but the last one or two may be tricky and up for debate. Any surprises or shockers? Last year most of us probably thought Brian Simmons would easily win a spot. Didn't happen. This one should be interesting.

Here is the official ballot:

  • Marvin Mitchell
  • Jonathan Vilma
  • William Kershaw
  • Mark Simoneau
  • Troy Evans
  • Scott Fujita
  • Jo-Lonn Dunbar
  • Scott Shanle

I would say you should choose either 5 or 6 players. If you want to go into detail about middle linebacker and outside linebacker, go for it, but I will leave that up to you. Have fun with it!