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Saints News: 6.17.08

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Before we start, I wanted to put a call out to any CSC readers who want to help and who are good at photo shopping or graphic art. I was thinking I wanted a cool graphic to go with the Saints News posts every day. Something similar to the above, but maybe long and wide, like a banner to go across the top width of the post. I was thinking like old time newspaper looking, with SAINTS NEWS as the headline and even maybe a picture on the paper. If any of you guys out there have the ability to come up with something like that, it would be awesome!! And now...the news.

USA Today has an article on everyone's favorite Saint, Deuce.  The article talks about his recovery, even comparing it to the recovery of the city. Here is what he had to say.

"I've definitely been battered and bruised a lot like this city," McAllister says. "There's so many people who have lost so much here.

"But just like the people of New Orleans, I won't quit."

"I just look at this comeback as another challenge," he says. "You hear people saying 'Oh, he's had two knee surgeries. And he's 29 coming off two knee surgeries.'

"But I feel it's OK to defy the odds. It's OK to still want to be great.

"I've had success, and this team has had success with me. It's OK for me to recover."

"It's gone better this time because I know what to expect," McAllister says. "I feel confident I'll be 100% by training camp. … I feel really good about that happening."

"We want to give these people that hope and support again," McAllister says. "The city got a second coming of that with the (NBA's) Hornets' success this season.

"It's making us hungry."

"If we're healthy, we're a dangerous team," McAllister says. "You need luck, too. But we definitely have playmakers on both sides of the ball."

On Reggie Bush.

"You look at the (news) media pressure he's faced … for him to not have that quick success, there's been some criticism," McAllister says.

"He's handled it as well as possible.

"With Reggie being around more in the offseason, it will only help."

On the Saints looking at Shaun Alexander.

"I was willing to restructure, but I look forward to playing in all their games this season," McAllister says. "I have great respect for Shaun as a player and person. I understand the team had to do what they had to do."

Believe it or not there is more to the article. You should definitely just read this one yourself.

For those of you who haven't been paying attention the last, oh, I don't know, SIX MONTHS, the New Orleans Saints official website has a recap of the entire offseason, replete with signings, trades, acquisitions, drafts, releases etc. from Ed Orgeron's signing to Will Smith's contract extension. It was quite a busy offseason. This is how it ends...or is it only just beginning?

"Summer school" is over. The new "semester" waits. And the tests will come fast and furious in roughly five-and-a-half weeks.

"I know we are all heading our own ways for the next few weeks," Brees said. "But I am sure if you ask any of us (players), training camp and the season is something we are gearing up and excited about. I know it is something we think about every day."

Satchmo26 posted this one in the FanPosts. Kudos and thanks to him for that. Great example of how this whole thing is supposed to work.  Its from Sports Illustrator and it truly is a heart-warmer. It details the Saints community efforts through the eyes of coach Payton, including their recent rebuilding project last week, a team bonding session. Here is the most interesting and uplifting part of the story.

Author Michael Lewis, who wrote the best-selling sports books "Moneyball" and "The Blind Side," has recently moved back to New Orleans to conduct research for an upcoming book that will center on the restoration of New Orleans. "It's slightly alarming how much better run the Saints are after the storm than they were in the 38 years before it," he says. "They aren't a symbol of the city getting back to what it was before the storm; they're a symbol of the city remaking itself entirely."

This story  from the NFL was about Erni Accorsi being chosen co-chair of a new General Manager's Advisory Committee. For us to really care the story should have read "Mickey Loomis appointed to new General Managers Advisory Committee."

Other members of the committee are Jerry Angelo (Chicago Bears), Kevin Colbert (Pittsburgh Steelers), Rod Graves (Arizona Cardinals), James Harris (Jacksonville Jaguars), Tom Heckert (Philadelphia Eagles), Marty Hurney (Carolina Panthers), Mickey Loomis (New Orleans Saints), Carl Peterson (Kansas City Chiefs), Jerry Reese (New York Giants), Tim Ruskell (Seattle Seahawks), Rick Smith (Houston Texans), and Mike Tannenbaum (New York Jets).

Oh yeah, here is the whole purpose of the committee.

The General Managers Advisory Committee will provide advice and other feedback to the NFL Football Operations department headed by Anderson. Areas of focus for the committee will include:

" Protecting and supporting the integrity of the game

" Expanded use of technology

" Player development and scouting opportunities

" Development of innovative ideas to improve the Pro Bowl, Scouting Combine, NFL Draft, and preseason

"With our emphasis on innovation, collaboration, and accountability of all personnel in protecting the integrity of the game, the General Managers Advisory Committee gives our clubs a new mechanism for consistent communication with the league office and will result in better information for our office," Anderson said.

The most important news of all of course revolves around KUSH, better known as Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush. Apparently Reggie may have another woman on the side. Oh no he didn't! Kim quickly dispels these rumors. This is straight from her official blog.

It may be time to address rumors about Reggie...

There is a girl named Najmah Brown and speculation that she is Reggie's "side chick." This is totally false and Reggie does not know this person nor has he even met her. There were also rumors about some drama at a basketball game. Again, none of this is true. There were even pictures of a random girl that mediatakeout posted saying she was Reggie's "side chick," which, again, is not true. The girl felt so bad she was messaging me on MySpace about how furious she was that they stole her picture!

You may have already noticed that there are never pictures of any of these alleged experiences.

For once in my life, I am in a committed, trusting relationship. Before Reggie, I always tended to date the wrong guy who just wasn't ready. If I would hear negative things about them my gut feeling inside was telling me it was true, but I believed the guy anyway. I have made so many poor choices and never knew when to let go, always was the girl to stay and try to trust again. But the reality is, a girl has a gift -- her intuition. So use it ladies and don't be that dumb girl who gets taken advantage of!

I no longer have those problems and trust me, it feels sooo good! I think I finally got it right this time!

By the way, we just landed in Florence today. Reggie met me here. The city is so romantic! By the time we leave here, how much do you want to bet the engagement rumors will swirl!

I feel like I shouldn't even be reading this, like your sisters locked diary when the lock just "happened" to break.

Do you think Reggie is training in Florence?

Kim does not really help those swirling "engagement rumors" when she writes a post shortly thereafter entitled Scoping out Cartier Engagement Rings.

Geez, is the season here yet?