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Saints News: 6.18.08

Reggie Bush is going to the UK to represent the New Orleans Saints in the NFL's promotion of the International Series game according to an article from the New Orleans Saints official website. Should be a short hop from Florence.

"We are very excited to have these two star players in London to help promote our game," explained NFL UK Managing Director Alistair Kirkwood. "Reggie Bush and LaDainian Tomlinson are two of the best athletes in the world, and represent the very best of the NFL.

"When fans come to Wembley on October 26th to see the Saints and Chargers in action they will be watching two of the best teams in the sport with great players on both sides."

If you say so.

The New Orleans Saints official website also wants you to know that the New Orleans Saints TicketExchange is now open for business for 2008 home games in the Superdome. Here is the TicketExchange homepage.

Speaking of our boy Reggie, Mike Florio of the Sporting News compiled a list of players who need to step it up this season and you know who was number 2.

2. Reggie Bush, running back, Saints. Bush deserves credit for taking football more seriously as he prepares for his third season. But will showing up for most of the offseason workouts and generally caring more about the game allow him to suddenly run circles around NFL defensive backs, just like he made Fresno State defenders look like blindfolded schoolchildren with their shoes tied together?

This isn't about desire; it's about ability. In two full years, Bush simply hasn't been the guy that everyone thought he'd be. Thus, the pressure in this case comes primarily from Bush himself; the rest of us already know that he's not the next Gale Sayers. Heck, Reggie isn't even the current Maurice Jones-Drew.

Can't say that I don't disagree.