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Getting to Know: YOU!!

You know you want some.

It's the final day of the work week, and here at CSC you know that this day is all about you, the reader. Today we've got five more questions for you guys to answer and share you inner Saints fan with each other. With over 100 members, we should get more than 3 of you sharing. So if you are a long time lurker, now is as good a chance as any to let us know you're out there and to start participating. Here are today's questions:

  1. Where were you when the Saints beat St. Louis for their first franchise playoff victory?
  2. Where were you for "the punt block" on Monday night against the Falcons?
  3. What is your worst Saints memory?
  4. What was the first Saints game you attended?
  5. Have you ever met a Saint, past or present? If so, whats the story?

Have fun with this one guys!