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Saints News: 6.21.08

A Charles Grant update, some pictures of Reggie in the UK and reliving a nightmare are all on todays menu.

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We got a little update from about the Charles Grant situation. Charles finally spoke at a charity event yesterday for the first time since he was charged. This is the best part...

Grant said he is confident about his case, saying "it's in the hands of the Lord." He said he is working on an autobiography, titled "The Gravel Road," which he hopes to finish by next year.

"This book will let kids see that it's not just football we live and get overnight," Grant said. "This is about putting the words to the people so they can understand who Charles Grant really is."

What? Is it me or did that confuse you guys too? Putting the words to the people? I'm confused. Anyway, I really want to read this book.

He obviously didn't comment about his case but he did share some personal stuff.

Grant said he has watched his brother die in his arms, never met his father and walks around with a third-degree burn on his left inner leg from a fireplace incident when he was 4 years old.

"I've been through a lot in my life," he said. "I'm still learning about life. And every day, I'm learning something new. I think I'm in the position to tell a kid about what I've been through."

Dude. Sorry I just kinda teased you a second ago.

Yahoo! did their own kind of offseason review but really just focused on Meachem and Ellis. Really nothing new, just old stories and quotes.

David Gladow did a Live Chat: Friday Sports Talk. There were only a few questions about the Saints.

On defense.

Health is always underlooked when evaluating a team's championship opportunity.   Look at your Super Bowl winners every year, and every year you'll see a team that is pretty darn healthy.   Absolutely, a healthy training camp would be a huge help.

I like the additions on defense.   The front seven will certainly be better than it was last year, and that will be a huge help for the entire squad.   The corners and safeties still have to improve, and I'll be watching them this preseason (especially younger guys like Porter and Young), but the front seven at least gives the team some hope right out of the gate.

On Reggie.

Bush will probably never be "worth" the No. 2 overall pick, when you look at what he contributes for this team.   In theory, the No. 2 pick should be a Marshall Faulk, not a Dave Meggett.   Bush will probably never be a Marshall Faulk.

But I still think he can be a very effective player for the Saints, the kind of explosive weapon that keeps defenses honest.   Realistically, I think if you're getting 800 and 800 (yards rushing and receiving) out of him, you're fielding a heck of an offense.   And that makes him a valuable contributor.

On Mike McKenzie.

This time of year, most info you get is rumor and speculation.   For instance, I recently heard from an outside source that Mike McKenzie is not expected to be ready to go by the beginning of the season ... meaning one of the younger kids is going to have to step up at cornerback.   This reaffirms my own suspicions on the matter, but it is also far from being  the absolute final word.   I'd like to think McKenzie can still contribute.   I don't think he will, but we just don't know for sure yet.

On Pierre.

Part of the reason Thomas was so effective last year, was his attitude and drive he brought to the position.   Desperate to make the roster, he outworked everyone in front of him to make an impression ... and he did.

What I want to see is whether he brings the same hard-charging running style to the table in '08.   And also, can his body withstand the type of punishment that going 100 percent will bring?   I liken him to Dwayne Wade ... if you are flying around at full speed with no regard for your health, you're going to get hurt.   Can he keep up the effort ... and stay healthy at the same time?   I can't wait to find out.

The New Orleans Saints official website posted a few pictures from Reggie and LT's trip to the UK. Here are a couple of my favs.

All photos courtesy of NFL UK



Reggie doing his PR thang.


Awwww, This one's cute.

Since a couple of you mentioned this play yesterday, I figured we could all relive it again. I know you probably think thats sadistic, but you have to laugh at it now. Enjoy this awful trip down nightmare lane.