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One Man, One Mission, One Season: Part Deux

Today I bring you the second and final part of my interview with Adam, our favorite NFL record attempting Brit. This week we get down and dirty about the Saints and his stop here in New Orleans on his season long journey.

CSC: What is your favorite team?
Adam: The Chicago Bears! Then the Saints. I saw my first NFL game in 1990 and it was in London and I was rooting for the Saints, so I like them too! (

CSC: Do you remember who won that game?
Adam: Sadly I do not remember, but at he bottom of my blog regarding that game, I mentioned that  it did not matter to me who won. All I remember is that it was such a great day out. That is one thing I love about the NFL, the whole day and celebratory feel about a game is just as important as the result. In Soccer fans take it very seriously, and I am sure a lot of NFL fans do as well, but I do get the impression that even if your team got destroyed, an NFL fan would still have a great day out.

CSC: They won 17-10.

CSC: Do you know the whole Who Dat chant?
Adam: I did not until recently. I understand it goes: "Who dat? Who dat? Who dat say dey gonna beat dem Saints". It's a great chant, I love it. In Soccer, teams have many chants, and I'm really looking forward to finding out the many NFL chants out there.

CSC: What made you first start liking the NFL?
Adam: I was 5 when the Bears won the Superbowl and it was on TV here in England. Since then I've really liked the NFL. Perhaps whoever won the Superbowl that year I would have followed, but I'm happy it was the Bears and I'm not just saying this, but if I could choose a team instead of the Bears it would be the Saints.

CSC: Who is your favorite player?
Adam: My all time favorite player has to be Walter Payton. I will be running for the Walter Payton Cancer Trust in Chicago a day before I see the Seahawks in action. I am really mad I will not be seeing Brett Favre. I'm a big fan of his. Currently I and many other non-Bears fans like Devin Hester. Though I also like a man called Henry Burris, who played briefly for the Bears but is now back in the CFL. I played snow football with him when I was living in Toronto. Great guy! 

CSC: Do you have any other friends in England who like the NFL? How do you watch the games at home?
Adam: I do have quite a few. There is a University American Football League and I played cornerback for one year. I also play weekly flag American Football, though that is mainly with Americans. We also have two American Football teams in London. Sadly I'm not good enough to play for either of them! It is a growing community, but it is strong.

CSC: Do you already have the tickets to all of these games?
Adam: I currently have 0 tickets. Hopefully I will work something out pronto with that! Any ideas?

CSC: Which Saints games will you be attending?
Adam: I'll be at the London game, with the Chargers and Saints fans. It will be like back in 1990. I'll go into my parents loft and try to find my old Saints T-Shirt and hat! I will also be at the Saints game at the Superdome when you host the Packers, and as a Bears fan I want you to destroy the Packers. I will be also be seeing the Saints for a third time at the Bears, so it will be interesting to see how different the Saints fans are in London, at home and away. I know the Saints fans are hardcore and it will be interesting to see if the game in London will differ from the Superdome.

CSC: What can Saints fans who are making the trip to London expect when they get to Wembley?
Adam: There will be NFL fans from all over the world, there will be no tailgating, but the NFLUK did a great ticket only job with bands and food last year. The NFL fans in London are not like their soccer peers. They are friendly, knowledgeable and up for a good time without the nastiness. It will be a great day out for the football fans, just don't rely on great food in the Stadium!

CSC: I know you don't have tickets yet but do you know where you want to sit at the game in the Dome?
Adam: Now sure yet. Any ideas? Where do the crazy fans sit, I wanna sit there!

CSC: I will let my readers give their opinions on this one.

CSC: Do you have any preconceived notions about New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina? What kind of coverage did it get in England?
Adam: It did get covered here and I have to say not always in a positive light especially from the higher politics down. However the skysports who cover the NFL showed coverage of fans making sure they got their black and gold season tickets, despite the horrors of the hurricane and the Saints fans felt that the team will boost morale to the whole city. This really is the crux if the trip, to really find those fans out there, where their football team is so important to them and the city. I will be exploring the role of the NFL team and it's power in the community. The Saints fans showed me two years ago exactly what an NFL team can do for a city!

CSC: I know you may be getting together with the guys at WhoDatSay when you are in town. Do you have any plans yet?
Adam: I will be coming in on Monday Nov 24, but I intend to stay in New Orleans until that Wednesday, giving myself extra time to interview the great Saints fans. I have been offered a tastebud sensation when it comes to tailgate food, and I was going to cook at each stadium, but I think I will leave this food menu to you guys. I hope to meet up with all the Saints fans that have gotten involved thus far. There's a good few hours at the tailgate so I'm sure I can say hi to everyone! You have any ideas after the game?

CSC: Gotta go to Bourbon St. I will let my readers offer you their suggestions again.
Adam: Sounds like a fun place. I'll be there after the game! Thanks for the info.

CSC: I think CSC readers would love to live vicariously through you and get a little synopsis of each game you attend every week. Could we arrange that?
Adam: Of course we could. I will be blogging on my site after each game and daily. But I would be happy doing something specifically for you guys as much as I can.

CSC: If I decide to see 35 soccer games in one season, can I stay at your place when I am in London? Oh wait, you don't have one because you sold it to pay for this trip!
Adam: Haha, my parents might put you up though! That would be a good trip though. Here there is something called the 192 club. There are 192 teams in the 5 soccer divsions, and a few people have gone to all 192 stadiums! Not in one year though. Maybe? We also had an American last year follow the soccer team, Portsmouth F.c round for one season. He got his book published. Kinda gives me the inspiration to write mine!

CSC would like to thank Adam not only for his willing participation with us and his friendly attitude but for being such a dedicated NFL fan, even though he is an ocean apart. We wish him the best of luck on his trip and we will stay in close contact with Adam as we continue to get closer to the season and throughout the season. Again, the floor is open for questions, comments and advice for Adam, as he will be checking in regularly for any comments.