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Saints News: 6.25.08

Well, its that time of the year. When football news is slow and the only thing left to talk about it trash and gossip, and today's news has plenty of it. Of course, that means some hot new pictures of Kim Kardashian.

The Times-Pic had an article about how to survive the slow days of summer. They suggest going out and buying a copy of Althon's annual magazine all about the upcoming 2008 NFL season. The good news: Althon's says the Saints will win the NFC South. The bad news: They won't go to the NFC Championship game. The magazine also had an assessment of our team from an opposing coach. Here is what this coach had to say.

"Running backs in the 200-pound range generally cannot hold up to the beating, and Reggie Bush struggled last year because of it. He's really a complementary back, always has been. It was very important they re-signed Deuce McAllister. Pierre Thomas can give them a tackle-to-tackle presence. Rookie corner Tracy Porter is not a run-support guy by any stretch of the imagination. But he's a good value pick (in the second round) because of good speed and coverage skills. They have a lot of money in that defensive front. Those guys really need to crank it up."

Read the rest of the article for more of Althon's predictions.

Satchmo26 posted this one yesterday in the FanPosts, so a thank you goes out to him. It's from Adam Schein and its on Fox Sports' website. It's nine randoms opinions about the NFL and the Saints pop up on his list more than once.

First, he tells the NY Giants to get rid of Shockey stat and send him our way.

Cut your losses like I suggested before the draft, eliminate the headache and deal Shockey to New Orleans for a second-round pick.

And even when Shockey becomes a star again playing for Sean Payton and Drew Brees, just remember, it's not going to work in New York.

He also thinks the Saints should pick up Travis Henry.

4. Travis Henry should join Shockey in New Orleans

There are major red flags all over this one. Henry was booted out of Denver because he simply didn't work. He will be suspended for a year with his next failed drug test. And he has to pay child support on too many kids to list.

Focus is an issue here.

But the upside is he's a Top-10 back. And with Deuce McAllister's health a concern and Reggie Bush's versatility, the risk/reward on Henry is worth it.

Since when did the Saints become the Dallas Cowboys? I think we should leave the attempts to reform players with off-field issues to Jerry Jones and the Boys. Sean Payton may want Shockey because of their past relationship, but I definitely don't see Payton wanting to deal with all of Travis Henry's problems. No thanks.

Here is a video from ESPN about Drew Brees and the Make a Wish Foundation. I am assuming it will be right there on the front page. Get your tissues out for this one.

Will Smith got married this past weekend at the Ritz-Carlton here in New Orleans. Here is a picture of him with his new bride.



Here is an article from the PR Newswire. It tells us that Archie Manning will be the headlining keynote speaker at the IT Service Management Forum. I have no idea what the heck that is, but I felt it was my duty to tell you.

Archie Manning, former New Orleans Saints quarterback and father of
SuperBowl champions, Peyton and Eli Manning, is recognized as an ambassador of goodwill and a molder of people. He is dedicated to the humanitarian cause, serving on countless charities and civic boards, including the Salvation Army, United Way Speakers Bureau, and the Louisiana Special Olympics. During his motivational presentation, attendees will be inspired by his warm personality, his drive, and his sense of humor.

Having two different sons win two back to back Superbowls sure keeps a guy busy.

There was a KUSH sighting at a trendy restaurant in Hollywood. Kim and Reggie were in attendance at a private party for rapper Nelly. If this picture isn't enough for you, check out more pictures of "the twins" here.