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Saints News: 6.26.08, Afternoon Edition

Got a bunch of other articles I missed this morning.

Here is a story from The News Star about Saints WR Robert Meachem. It doesn't say much we don't already know. Meachem is battling for that third receiver spot against Henderson and Moore. Said Meachem...

"My confidence is coming back," he said. "Everything is rolling now. You hear everything (the fans) do. You want to have a great practice to show them you're coming back strong."

Tiger Weekly had an article about new defensive line coach Ed Orgeron. This one helps us to get to know Ed a little better and than tells us what Ed has to say about this team defensively.

"I’m happy to be with the Saints," said Orgeron. "I’m looking forward to being a defensive line coach in the NFL (for the first time) and coaching with Sean Payton."

"Defensive line is what I know how to do," said Orgeron. "There should be very few surprises for me on a daily basis. Being a head coach for the first time, every day was new with new experiences. Coaching the defensive line, I feel comfortable. I know what to get done, and I really think that I can help the Saints defensive line."

He also said our defensive line should be good with Grant, Smith and McCray et al and that Vilma was a great addition.

"I know Sean Payton and Mickey Loomis will continue to go out and get the best players available to help the Saints go to the Super Bowl."

Yeah you right!

Also have a quick write up from Bleacher Report about our running  back and quarterback situation. Nothing new there.

Bleacher Report also had another breakdown on the Saints, this time covering the receivers and tight ends. Again, not too much new here. Here is what he said about our tight end situation.

Is there a position on this team that needs an upgrade more then TE. The Saints tried to trade for New York Giants TE Shockey but the trade feel through. So fans the fact that we will still have our same TE is good. They know the playbook better and have worked with the team for some time. The bad side is will we be able to show other teams that this TE is not just a blocking TE. Or that one is a receiver. Mark Campbell, Eric Johnson, and Billy Miller should be on the roster. I just don't for see this. This area could use the biggest shake up on any on the team. Ronnie Ghent, and Buck Ortega should push for alot of playing time. One could and should move one of the three out altogether.

The writing in this article is a little weird.

This piece from Pro Football Weekly is all about Jonathan Vilma, the man whom all are hopes and dreams are pinned on. Here is what he had to say.

"This past season, it was tough," said Vilma, who's entering his fifth year. "That was the first time I couldn’t take anything positive from the last season. Regardless of my injury, we were having a tough time. We started 1-5 (before he was injured). The defense wasn’t doing well. That was really tough to swallow.

"So going into this year, it’s almost like starting over. It’s like a clean slate where I just have to understand that last season was a tough one and I just need to learn from that and grow from there."

The article goes on to say that the Saints probably need Vilma as badly as Vilma needs the Saints.

“I don’t have to come in and bark orders or anything like that,” Vilma said. “That’s not what I do, it’s not even my personality, but I’m going to do whatever it takes to win. If it means that I need to get on somebody about doing their job because it’s going to help us win, well then yeah, I’ll definitely do that.

“I’m coming in to help the team win. That’s the bottom line for me. I want to help this team win and get to the Super Bowl and win the Super Bowl. That’s what I’m here for.”

Vilma also noted there was some anxiousness and hunger on the field during OTAs.

“I say anxious because no one is really comfortable with what happened last year,” Vilma said. “Even though I wasn’t here, the guys that are still here from last season, you can tell that they’re definitely not OK with what happened. I think guys are looking to come out and prove a point. The point is that it wasn’t a fluke two years ago when they made the NFC championship. It was hard work and it was a lot effort and a lot of talent and a lot of winning, of course.

“I think that you can feel that tension, which is not a bad thing, it’s actually a good thing because it keeps the guys on edge and it keeps the guys focused.”

Here's hoping!