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Saints News: 6.27.08


More analysis from Bleacher Report. This time they are talking about the Saints offensive line and calling it "Beef Brisket."

Could "Beef Brisket" look so good.Most teams going into training camp would love to have the problem that the Saints have.

The whole article just says that we are fairly deep on the line and things look pretty good. Jonathan Goodwin will just step right up and fill in for Jeff Faine. Matt Lehr is versatile and added depth. Carl Nicks might stick around. Tim Duckworth may get more playing time.

Something is really off with this Bleacher Report writing, seriously. Check it out and tell me I'm not crazy.

2008 is Reggie Bush's do-or-die season says this quick post on NFL Gridiron Gab.

The fact of the matter is Bush does need to improve. His awareness in the run attack has been shaky, at best, and he has exchanged far too many decent gains for failed attempts at the monster play. Improving his patience and increasing his strength will naturally improve his numbers. But failing to do so will give the former No. 2 pick a three-year record of statistical mediocrity, something that fans will one day wake up and call bunk on. Once that moment comes, it will be extremely difficult to reverse. After all, Americans have proven before that they have no problem criticizing a Bush.

That about says it all.

Adam Schefter at NFL Network wrote an article discussing where some free agents may wind up playing this season. He says the Saints may be a possible destination for RB Lamont Jordan who most certainly will not be a Raider next season. Also of particular interest in the possibility of Joe Horn becoming a Cowboy.

» Wide receiver Joe Horn: Atlanta doesn’t want to pay Joe Horn’s $2.5 million base salary, which has a skill/injury guarantee. But Dallas might. In the event that it cannot reach a compromise deal with wide receiver Terry Glenn, Dallas already is eyeing Horn. He now has become Plan 1A. Should Dallas trade a late-round pick for Horn, he would be the latest big-name acquisition for a Cowboys team that this offseason already has acquired linebacker Zach Thomas, cornerback Adam Jones, running back Felix Jones and cornerback Mike Jenkins. Horn could help the Cowboys on and off the field. On the field, Horn is not the receiver he once was, but he still could contribute to Dallas’ high-powered attack. Off it, he could provide an example for the way professionals are supposed to act. Horn is one of the league’s more respected players and the Cowboys locker room would be better with him in it. Dallas is debating the merits of trading for Horn; those efforts could be, and will be, ramped up depending on what happens with Glenn.

Here are two videos from Cox Sports about Reggie Bush and Roman Harper.