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Saints News: 6.28.08

Really not much news today. The biggest news of all was this story covered by about a million websites, but I am just linking the New Orleans Saints official website. The second general admission sale was held for the Saints game at Wembley Stadium against the Chargers. 15,000 tickets were sold in 30 minutes.

“Once again this demonstrates the huge interest in the sport in the UK,” said ALISTAIR KIRKWOOD, managing director of the NFL’s UK office. “Fans here are excited to be able to see two teams of this caliber playing in the UK, and with a full Wembley Stadium, we expect the atmosphere to be electric when the Saints and Chargers take the field.”

I'm sure our friend Adam would agree!

The Times-Pic has been going through the greatest New Orleans sports teams in history. Yet again a Saints squad has made the grade, this time its the 2006 Saints and they are ranked number two of all time New Orleans teams.

I don't know who this is but he is a Loyola fan and he has the explanation for us. Anything is better than David Gladow.

Here is their final list of New Orleans teams.

Greatest N.O. sports teams of all time

10.) 1984 UNO baseball (46-26);
2001 Tulane baseball (56-13);
2005 Tulane baseball (56-12)

9.) 1967-68 New Orleans Buccaneers (48-30)
8.) 1959 Tulane men's tennis
7.) 1998 Tulane football (12-0)
6.) 1992 New Orleans Saints (12-4)
5.) 1934 Tulane football (10-1)
4.) 2007-08 New Orleans Hornets (56-26)
3.) 1998 New Orleans Zephyrs (76-66)
2.) 2006 New Orleans Saints (10-6)
1.) 1910 New Orleans Pelicans (87-53)


Yet another Live Chat with David Gladow over at the Times-Pic. Here is the usual rundown.

On Colstons contract.

I've heard no word on him at all, and as far as I know, neither has anyone else.   I suppose the Saints could surprise us and announce a signing later today, but I'm not expecting it.   I think Saints fans can begin to worry about a potential holdout ... not saying it's a definitie, but the lack of word on that front is discouraging.

I'm not worried.

On what the Saints could possibly expect to receive in a trade for Jason David.

A bag  of coal  and an autographed David Hasselhoff album?

Ouch! That's rough.

David isn't going to attact very much in a trade scenario.   If you really want to get rid of him, you either have to cut him or package him with someone else.

i think he's still in New Orleans' plans though.

Thats it really. Everything else was about the Hornets and the recent NBA draft.