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Saints and Music Series: Papa Grows Funk


The guys after an awesome set at Jazz Fest.(via

The third installment of CSC's Saints and Music Series features the funkier than funky, Papa Grows Funk. CSC had a chance to get some answers from singer/organist Jon Gros, saxaphonist Jason Mingledorff, and bass player Donald Ramsey. Check out what these die-hard Who Dats had to say about their favorite football team, including their draft analysis, 2008 record predictions and a cool Steve Gleason tidbit.

CSC: How long have you guys been Saints fans?

JG: Practically all my life, but I would say a die hard for the last 25 years.

JM: Since moving to New Orleans, the same year Ditka came.  Boy, that was surreal!

DR:  20 plus years.

CSC: Do you have any memorable Saints moments from your past?

JG: Listening to my aunt complain about Russell Erxleben, Morton Anderson kicking a winning field goal against Dallas on Monday Night Football I think in 1988. I was jumping up and down by myself in my kitchen. And Steve Gleason’s block during the Atlanta Falcons Monday night game in 2006. I was screaming, crying, laughing, in total awe.  By the way, Steve Gleason stopped by the Maple Leaf later that night, real late, as we were jammin’ onstage.

JM: The best one so far was the playoff game that we beat Philly in.  The Dome was alive and Deuce was unstoppable!

DR: The whole 2006 season, unforgettable.

CSC: You guys going to any games, maybe London?

JG: I go to as many games as possible given or touring schedule. Maybe Mickey Loomis and Tom Benson would see the need for some REAL New Orleans music accompanying the team to London.

JM: I'd love to go to London, but don't have any scheduled.  

DR: Maybe 2-5 games or so.  None in London.

CSC: What do you guys do on gameday?

JG: If we are touring, we watch the game wherever possible and if we are driving we listen loudly on Sirius satellite radio. Its wonderful to hear Jim Henderson’s voice while driving through Colorado. If  we’re home and not going to the game, I’ll grill some chicken wings and get down to some serious watching. If I’m at the game, I’d like to apologize to the women and children sitting near me.

JM: We're usually on the road, spreading the New Orleans funk around the country.  We've got NFL ticket on Sirius radio so we never miss the game.

DR: Just suit up baby!!!!

CSC: Who are you favorite players and why?

JG: Drew Brees, Willie Roaf, Deuce McAlister, Sam Mills, Hoby Brenner, Marques Colston. They shut up and give 110% to their team and their city. They take their jobs serious as role models and their actions are their words.

JM: Marques Colston, because of his work ethic. He's not flashy and immature, and his hands are like glue.

DR: Deuce McAllister. He exemplifies what we, as fans, are all about. Colston too!!!!


CSC: How do you feel about the Saints off-season moves?

JG: I’m encouraged, but I’m always encouraged.  This is gonna be THE year.  I believe we have a better team this year than at the end of last year, but I’m concerned about getting two injured linebackers who are making comebacks. [Note by Saintsational, This was before the announcement of Dan Morgan's retirement. ]

JM: They were okay, but they should have gotten some more cornerbacks.

DR: Neutral. Like the Vilma pickup, however....

CSC: What do you think about the Saints new draft class?

JG: We got the run stuffer we needed and hopefully that will ease the pressure on the cornerbacks.

JM: Better than last year...

DR: We blew it.  Hopefully I'm wrong. Like the DT but we left a lot on the table.

CSC: Who do you think will start at running back this year?

JG: Deuce, Reggie and Carney

JM: Deuce!!!!

DR: Hopefully Deuce...It could've been Matt Forte'(wishful thinking).

CSC: Who do you think will step up as the number two receiver behind Colston?

JG: I wish I could say Robert Meachem, but I can’t. It’s gonna be David Patten.

JM: Definitely not Meachem.

DR: Reggie Bush, if we use him right...

CSC: What do you think will be the keys to success this season?

JG: Can our cornerbacks cover man to man without Mike McKenzie? Can we bring the heat to the quarterback? Will Vilma and Morgan make an impact? Can Deuce contribute on the field? Can we stay healthy?

JM: Focus. Don't forget the basics. Teamwork. Don't let Fred Thomas or Jason David play.

DR: As always, a healthy Drew Brees.

CSC: Wanna make a prediction on the Saints final regular season record this year?

JG: 10-6

JM: Yes, 10-6

DR: 10-6, 9-7

CSC: Since you guys have been so generous in taking your time to answer these questions, you have any albums or upcoming shows you want to plug?

JG: We’ve been getting attention for our latest CD, Mr. Patterson’s Hat. It can be found at the Louisiana Music Factory and also online at People can hear us every Monday night at the Maple Leaf Bar, uptown down on Oak St.

JM: Every Monday at the Maple Leaf.

CSC would like to thank Papa Grows Funk for taking time out of their busy schedules to answer our questions and for their help in keeping New Orleans funky. Keep up the great work!