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Saints News: 6.3.08

The Sun-Herald had kind of a wrap up of minicamp this weekend. I will sum up their opinions in bullet form. 

  • Gay and Porter were good but not amazing.
  • Usama Young was blah.
  • WR's Blythe and Robinson will not make the team.
  • WR position is going to be a battle.
  • McAllister looked on schedule.
  • Mark Brunell was so impressive that the team will only carry two quarterbacks on the 53-man roster.
  • Charles Grant was in shape.
  • Bush wants to return more punts but muffed one in a drill this weekend. (so much for my post yesterday afternoon?)
  • Marvin Mitchell is a surprise talent.

Black and Gold Soul had a post about our much improved defensive line. It's possible. The stars will have to align.

You guys should get a kick with this one. Matt Miller at SB Nations Mocking the Draft released his NFC 2008 season predictions. Matt is pretty respectable (he wouldn't be part of SB Nation if he wasn't) and knows his stuff. So where did he put the Saints? Your gonna love this...

New Orleans Saints                 

Wk      Matchup          

1          Tampa Bay Buccaneers            W

2          at Washington Redskins            W

3          at Denver Broncos        W

4          San Francisco 49ers     W

5          Minnesota Vikings        W

6          Oakland Raiders           W

7          at Carolina Panthers      W

8          San Diego Chargers (in London)           W

9          Bye     

10        at Atlanta Falcons         W

11        at Kansas City Chiefs   W

12        Green Bay Packers       W

13        at Tampa Bay Buccaneers        L

14        Atlanta Falcons             W

15        at Chicago Bears          L

16        at Detroit Lions             W

17        Carolina Panthers         W

Total                14W-2L

14-2 baby!! At first I thought this was a typo. Maybe the numbers were reversed. But its not. In fact, we start 11-0. I gotta admit, i really cant imagine that.

By the way, when taking Matt's predictions for every other team, a 14-2 record ties us with the Vikings for first place in the conference and also with the Chargers for best records in the entire league. Oh no, not this again! No more foolish optimism.

ESPN Insider had some random quick clips. The first is the Saints signing of former Buffalo Bills cornerback Jerametrius Butler and defensive tackle Marquay Love.

DB stockpile: As if the Saints hadn't done enough at cornerback this offseason with the signing of Randall Gay and the drafting of cornerback Tracy Porter in the second round, they also signed former Buffalo Bills cornerback Jerametrius Butler Monday. Injuries did leave the Saints down at cornerback over the weekend. Starter Mike McKenzie is coming off a knee surgery. Things were so short at cornerback, Porter was working with the first team. The Saints also signed defensive tackle Marquay Love Monday.

Awesome. We can start weeding out the garbage and keeping the real cream of the crop. I'm loving it. (sung to the McDonald's jingle).

Also from the article was this little nugget.

By waiting until Monday to release halfback Travis Henry, the Broncos ended up saving $1.1 million in cap room instead of suffering a $2.5 million net loss had they released him in May.

Might Travis Henry be a good pickup for the Saints as extra insurance in the backfield? The Saints have been so aggressive this offseason, I wouldn't say it an impossibility. What do you think?

On a long side note: A hearty WhoDat to the godfather of CSC readers Stujo4 for alerting me of this via email. (You other CSC faithful should take note. Your life's aspirations should be to attain to Stujo4's greatness in participation.) However, I am, for the most part, too busy to put up a post during the day. If Stu, or anyone in a situation like this, could grab a quick 5 minutes during their day, go ahead and put up a FanPost. It would have been there on the FanPost sidebar for everyone else checking in that day to see. If I happen to catch it or if you email me (I check it nonstop) to tell me you put up breaking news, I can just quickly promote it to the front page and make it even more visible. That's how this whole CSC thing works. You guys have the ability to bring the latest news to this site before I ever get to. Of course the more the merrier, but with a small, growing army of loyal CSC readers out there checking the world wide web multiple times a day while at work, or whatever, for the latest on the Saints, some news is bound to break while I am busy doing the nine to five thang and can't give to you until later. There is power in numbers and with your help, this site can be so much better. Don't forget that!

I'm done. I am serious though.