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Saints News: 6.30.08

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The beginning of yet another week.

Mike Detillier did his weekly Sunday morning article for Houma Today. This week he discusses RB Lamont Jordan and whether the Saints should pick him up.

What stood out to me after the 2008 draft is that the New Orleans Saints did not draft a running back.

Detillier thinks Jordan would be a good fit in the event that Deuce doesn't make a full recovery. The Raiders have a ton of other young running backs, so Jordan is expendable. He's got a pretty fat contract, so that may be a turn off for the Saints. If the Raiders cut him however, then New Orleans would have to fight with other teams but could work up a new contract.

The Ventura County Star in California had a piece about Saints TE Billy Miller and the training facility he has created called Elite Athletics.

"The NFL stands for Not For Long' and you never know when that time is going to come," said Miller, a Westlake High graduate entering his 10th season in the NFL. "I decided I wanted pull the trigger now because I won't have the same contacts and access as I do while I'm still playing."

It has become a place where any athlete of any level can come and work out.

"I don't need to get rich off of this," said Miller, who fully funded the facility. "This is something that is a passion for me. I didn't want to make this for guys like Reggie. I wanted to make this for little Joe down the street who wants to get a chance to step on the football field one day. He can come here, get better and finally play varsity one day."

"Working out at a training facility for $1,000 a month? Sorry, that is not something I could do," Miller said. "I opened this to make sure kids can come if they want to work. We are not here to just babysit. But if you want to work and get better we will find a way."

But it is for guys like Reggie too.

"I have been looking for a place where it's convenient, not too big, not too small and you are in good company with other NFL players," Bush said. "It is kind of tough to find a place like that, especially out here (in Southern California) because there is no NFL team."

Here is a video of Billy explaining everything.









Pro Football Weekly had a quick blurb about Mike McKenzie in their Whispers section.

Giants DE Justin Tuck Word out of New Orleans is Saints CB Mike McKenzie is on track to begin practicing when training camp begins on July 24. McKenzie sat out all of the team’s OTAs while recovering from surgery to repair a torn ACL he suffered late last season.

More important KUSH news. She is talking about marriage...AGAIN! This time, it was during her appearance on The View. This comes from BuddyTV.

“You spend a lot of time with someone, that's obviously what you think about, the future,” she said.  “There's [sic] always marriage rumors.  I figured you're either getting married, having a baby or breaking up.  No one's normal and happy.

“We're actually just normal and happy right now.”

“If we get married, obviously, you move in together and live together… New Orleans is a big part of my life but I'm not moving there right now.”

I really hope Reggie plans on popping the questions soon, otherwise he is going to make this girl look like an idiot.

Listen to this though. This is the part where I get angry.

Kim, who recently appeared on The View for the second time, revealed the new nickname she and Reggie coined together.

“We were tired of Bush and Tush so we came up with Kush, which is Kardashian and Bush.  So we call each other on the phone we programmed each other as Kush,” she shared with a laugh.

THATS MINE!!!! I came up with that!!! Refer to my posting  here on CSC on April 25th, when I first revealed my nickname for them.

everyone's favorite couple, "Kush" aka Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush.

I also refer to that name here and here. This is B.S. man! Son of a B****!

If you are interested in buying 50 yard line Saints season tickets, check here on Ebay.

If I remember correctly, today is the day NFL Live on ESPN will cover the Saints. Not positive, but you may want to check.

I will reveal the answers to yesterdays quiz this afternoon, that way if any of you still want to do it, you may. I will also have a cool announcement to make this afternoon.