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Saints News: 6.8.08

Really slow one today.

The Times-Pic had an article on Bobby McCray and the Saints defensive line. It's basically saying that Bobby McCray is looking real good in practice. So good in fact that our defensive line may seem some changes and has surely been upgraded this offseason.

While Coach Sean Payton doesn't want to tip his hand this early, it's evident he's thinking about moving Grant inside to tackle, if not permanently then on downs when the Saints are looking to collapse the pocket.

McCray worked both sides of the defensive line in practice last week and consistently blew up plays in team drills.

With the addition of rookie Sedrick Ellis, whose impressive work during the rookie minicamp didn't seem to diminish when he went up against the veterans, New Orleans' defensive line, at least, should be much improved.

The rest of the article goes on to quickly say that Meachem is looking much better and Deuce seems to be further along in his rehab at this point than he was the last time he tore his ACL. Cool.

Here is an interview with Mickey Loomis from Sportstalk on WWL 105.3FM. It's obviously about the firing of Rick Mueller and the hiring of Khai Harley. I listen every evening to Bobby, Hokie, Deke and everyone else on Sportstalk on my drive home. Unfortunately/fortunately its a 7 minute drive. Enjoy!


 New Orleans Saints - Mickey Loomis

This one is from the Sporting News. It's about six teams that could make the playoffs after having missed them last year. Obviously I wouldn't be telling you about this if the boys in black and gold weren't on that list.

5. New Orleans Saints

There's a strange phenomenon in the NFC South. In every season since its inception in 2002, the last-place team the previous season has rebounded to win the division the following year.

In '08, the chances of the Atlanta Falcons knocking off the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are remote, at best. Instead, look for the Saints to get back on track after a disappointing '07 season. A tough early-season schedule put the Saints into a hole from which they couldn't emerge.

The Saints' road is easier in '08, and a 6-2 record when they hit their bye week isn't a stretch. So, look for the Saints to jump over Tampa Bay to win the division. It's not all bad news for the Bucs, who still should do well enough to swipe a wild-card berth.