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Who Would You Keep?: Running Back


For this weeks edition of "Who Would You Keep" we are going back on the offensive side of the ball and looking at running back. You might think this would be easy but its not. A lot of it depends on Deuce's knee and how you feel he will recover. It also depends on your feelings toward Reggie Bush and Pierre Thomas and their ability to step it up this season. Or whether you think a new guy has what it takes to make the team. Enough talk, here are your choices at the position:

  • Deuce McAllister
  • Reggie Bush
  • Pierre Thomas
  • Aaron Stecker
  • Chris Barclay
  • Lynell Hamilton

You get to pick four, so two of them get axed. Is it going to be the same four we had last year, or will Hamilton or Barclay win out a spot. If they do, whose spot do they take. After you have figured out your four, you need to put them in depth chart order as you see it. Good luck with this one. Some of you are bound to disagree with each other. Comment away!