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Saints News: 7.12.08

First off, check out the new pics I posted in the FanShots last night.

We've got another USO trip report from Check out the link, because there is also a video that goes along with it. The article doesn't have anything about Drew in it, but the video does.

The Times-Pic did their usual Friday sports talk Live Chat. Here are the highlights.

On draftee signings.

The truth is these late-round signings usually come in bunches as the teams try to schedule the players' agents in  all at once.   So whether it's Nicks or Pressley, I'd expect the other to sign within a week ... if not mere hours of the other one.

The big question is when will Ellis sign ... Mike Triplett expressed optimism on that front earlier this week, so that's at least a good sign.   I haven't heard rumors of a holdout either, so let's hope he can get in early in or even prior to camp.

On picking up another running back.

Alexander can't perform on the field, Henry can't stay clean off it, and Benson can do neither.   I would hate any of the above signings.

Now, I won't rule out a signing once the season gets underway and it's proven McAllister can't go.   I could easily envision the team making a move should the Deuce suffer a setback ... I just don't think we'll see any moves until that point, and that point may not occur until sometime during the regular season.

On Colston.

As far as Colston, I am on his side in this one too.   He has done his job professionally and exceptionally for two years now, so I'm in favor of a raise.

I'm not as optimistic about him signing anytime soon due to the lack of news on the story.   It just seems to be standing still at this point.

The Saints aren't dummies.   They'll pay him.   It's just a question of when.   Right now, I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't get into camp until well into the preseason, but again, that's just personal speculation.

On Adrian Arrington.

He passes the eyeball test, and he's received praise from the coaching staff as well.   My current guess is that he'll push hard for a roster spot and will be on the verge of making it/joining the practice squad.

That position is deep, however, so it's still an uphill battle.   He just appears to have the goods at present.

On Aaron Glenn and maybe moving to safety.

At this stage of his career, a move to safety can only help prolong his NFL shelf life.   His size (5-9, 183) will work against him, but if he can provide depth at two different spots, you're right, he'd be a real asset.

On Shockey.

Not dead, given Shockey's fairly recent minicamp antics, just perpetually on hold it seems.

If the Giants decide they want to get rid of him, the Saints will gladly take him at a bargain rate.   That hasn't occured yet, and it may not.   I'm not going to hold my breath that it happens, but I'm also not willing to call the deal dead either.

The guys over at Pro Football Weekly had two articles. The first one is an analysis of all the first round draft picks.

7. DT Sedrick Ellis — Saints
Perhaps just a shade below Dorsey, but I think Ellis is the second-best defensive player in this draft. In fact, we could look back and say those two will be the best players in this draft. He’ll be an immediate contributor to a Saints defense that desperately needs a player who can collapse the pocket and stuff the run. Ellis can and will.

Wow, that is about as good as it gets. Do these guys even know what they are talking about? Should we believe this?

The second one was a run down of issues facing each of the NFC South general managers.

 Saints — WR Marques Colston: Has a salary of $445,000 in ’08. Will become an RFA in ’09.

Reports indicate the Saints and Colston haven’t gone beyond preliminary discussions about an extension, and that may not change soon. Since he will become a restricted free agent after the season, New Orleans will be able to tender him an offer and then match any offer made by other clubs or receive draft picks as compensation if it chooses not to match. Colston, a seventh-round pick in ’06, has outplayed his current deal and is one of the biggest bargains in the league at this point. He has put together back-to-back seasons of more than 1,000 yards receiving and was named to the Pro Bowl after last season. The Saints have shown a commitment to taking care of their own, as in the case of DE Will Smith just weeks ago, and rarely let a key player get away. However, they could wait this one out and assess the market value for Colston next offseason. If New Orleans tenders him at the highest level, which they almost assuredly will if no deal is in place beforehand, it may be worth exploring to see if a team outbids them and is willing to surrender first- and third-round picks (see franchise free agent Jared Allen's trade to the Vikings in April) for Colston’s services.

Trading Colston? Is that what that says?

Me a minute ago...

Do these guys even know what they are talking about? Should we believe this?

Nevermind. I have my answer. Guess we shouldn't expect too much of Sedrick Ellis.

The Sporting News gives us a sample of their analysis of each team, which you can find each week in their magazine. Here is what they had to say about the Saints.

The Saints are counting on CB Mike McKenzie to come back strong from knee surgery. Last year, he was by far their best player in the secondary, which is the weakest area of the roster. He's a confident player with the right mentality for matching up one-on-one with top receivers.

Thats it? Nothing about the RB's, WR's, Vilma or Ellis? This doesn't make me want to buy their magazine.