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Saints News: 7.19.08

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We all know about the draft pick signings so I will just start with the rest of the news.

Well, its official. Tom Benson is now the head honcho over at WVUE. The Times-Pic had the quick story.

After two months, the Federal Communications Commission has approved Tom Benson and his Louisiana Media Company to officially take ownership of WVUE-TV, which is Fox 8, it was announced today.

"This is a proud day for me, and a good day for the city of New Orleans," Benson said. "It's important to keep major employers in this city owned by local people - I believe that is a key factor in rebuilding our area. And WVUE will be a completely independent entity from my other businesses. We have a very good management team there, and they will operate independently as such with no pressure or agenda placed upon them."

It is ridiculous how many training camp/team analysis type articles there are out there. They come out of the woodwork from all types of websites. Everyone's an expert.

Here is one from

New Orleans Saints

Why They Might Win the Division
Drew Brees still leads the attack at QB and they have a plethora of receiving weapons. New Orleans also added Jonathan Vilma to the linebacking crew, and Sedrick Ellis at defensive tackle, to play next to their two talented defensive ends in Will Smith and Charles Grant.

Why They Might Not Win the Division
Right now, RB Reggie Bush is a good slot receiver, and nothing more. He simply has to become a more effective runner out of the backfield in order for them to truly excel. And that secondary which was so hideous last season is still a major concern.

Yet another look into training camp. This one is all the way from Arizona at

New Orleans Saints (7-9)

Veterans report: July 23

Site: Millsaps College, Jackson, Miss.

Fan access: Free, most practices open to the public; 504-733-0255

Key changes: The biggest addition was LBJonathan Vilma to man the middle. The Saints also traded up three spots in the draft to select DT Sedrick Ellis at No. 7. C Jeff Faine left as a free agent for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. CBs Randall Gay and Aaron Glenn, signed in free agency, add depth.

Key issues: There's uncertainty in the backfield with RB Deuce McAllister coming off two knee surgeries and Reggie Bush's inability to show he can be the featured back. At cornerback, who will start opposite Mike McKenzie, who is recovering from knee surgery and may not be ready to start himself? Ellis and newly extended DE Will Smith are cogs along the line, but DE Charles Grant has off-field issues. And they must decide between sixth-round pick Taylor Melhlaff and Martin Gramatica at kicker.

ESPN has a question for the Saints heading into training camp.

Do the New Orleans Saints realize how important it is to get Sedrick Ellis into camp?
Ellis, New Orleans' No. 1 pick in this year's draft from USC, has value because he finally gives the Saints a big-bodied defensive tackle who can eat up blocks and free up DEs Charles Grant and Will Smith. Grant and Smith were consistently double-teamed last season because opposing offensive lines had no respect for the Saints' rotating bodies inside at DT. The Saints still have question marks at cornerback and they're not going away any time soon, but it is amazing how pass-rush pressure can suddenly make mediocre corners better football players. With an offense well-equipped to bounce back, Ellis and the Saints' D-line could be the key to the whole season.

I agree with this one. I would love to see the Saints get Ellis under contract this week, but I am afraid he and Tracy Porter will be the last two to sign.

The Sporting News ranked the top ten offensive tackles in the league. Fortunately for us, and Drew, the Saints own Jammal Brown was on that list.

7. Jammal Brown, New Orleans Saints. If not for his struggles early last season, he might be rated higher here. In his defense, he is still adjusting to his move to left tackle, but he came on strong in the second half of '07. Drew Brees rarely gets sacked, and Brown is a big reason why. He's also a dominant run blocker, which would be more prominent if the Saints get a healthy back to attack between the tackles.

Speaking of Drew, (I always think of Anchorman) had an article about Drew and his feelings about leaving San Diego (It means a whales vagina) and being in New Orleans.

“I wasn't bitter,” said Brees, who yesterday was running about three dozen kids through their paces at Cathedral Catholic High as part of the NFL's Take a Player to School program. “Certainly, I felt like there was one person who didn't quite believe in me like the rest (of the Chargers). That's unfortunate.”

“Things have worked out for both sides,” said Brees, who spends “six to eight weeks” in San Diego, where he still owns a home. “I think he's (Rivers) done a good job. Look at the results. I'm happy for him. The Chargers have been successful the last few years and so have the Saints. New Orleans is a very special place. Things happen for a reason.

“I definitely wanted the Chargers to sign me back, but I signed with the Saints. It's like a calling.”

Call it a win-win situation.

Drew gets into some heavy stuff next.

“Winning the Payton Award is not a reward for what you do in the past,” Brees said. “There's a responsibility for what you do in the future. That's why we remain so active with the foundation. We support the league however we can. I love athletics. I want to leave the game better than I found it.

“God has a plan. There still are areas (in New Orleans) that look like a bomb went off yesterday. When we thought about where we were going to live, we tried to pick an area that hadn't been flooded. We bought a house that still had $52,000 worth of roof damage. We wanted to be in the middle of town. Right in the thick of it.”

It's funny because his house actually does flood when it rains very heavily. This article from ESPN proves it. Though it says his basement flooded, everyone from New Orleans knows there are no basements in NOLA. He is definitely in the thick of it.

In regards to playing his old team, this is what Mr. Perfect had to say.

“We're excited, obviously, but we still have a lot of games to play before that one,” he said. “I always hoped we'd come back here to play them. Maybe in four years. I still care about this community.

“There are some educated people in London who think New Orleans is still under water. This is a chance to show we're coming back.”

Is he like the perfect person or what? I really don't think Drew has a bad bone in his body. Am I too old to be adopted?

Apparently Thibodeaux, LA is a breeding ground for athletic trainers. I found this article from about athletic training students getting first hand experience working with NFL teams around the league during training camp, including our very own New Orleans Saints.

The New Orleans Saints will welcome Brett Chaisson, a senior from Thibodaux, La., while fellow NFC South member the Atlanta Falcons will have Scott Hebert, a senior from Galliano, La., to assist with their camp.

Traveling far away from the friendly confines of Thibodaux will be Nathan Quebedeaux, a senior from Hammond, La., and Dexter Charles, a senior from Thibodaux, La. Quebedeaux accepted an internship with the Detroit Lions, while Charles will assume the same role with the Arizona Cardinals.