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Jeremy Shockey Traded to the New Orleans Saints

Is Shockey's leg alright? (Photo Source)

Well, I can't believe I am writing this but apparently it is true. The New Orleans Saints have gotten TE Jeremy Shockey! Jay Glazer at Fox Sports has the breaking news story.

The Giants have agreed to trade their disgruntled tight end to the New Orleans Saints for a second-round pick and a fifth-round pick, has learned. The deal is pending league approval, according to a league source. Shockey must also pass a physical.

We have all been talking about this for months now and I honestly thought it was a dead deal. So, now that this has happened, what do you guys think? I really like Shockey as a player and I think he could be just what our offense needs but my only worry is Shockey's attitude and his antics. However, I am glad to see the Saints and the front office doing everything it takes to make this team a Superbowl contender.