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Colston Agrees to 3 Year Contract Extension

More great news on the contract front. The Times-Pic recently reported that the New Orelans Saints and Marques Colston have agreed to a 3 year contract extension. No more details about the deal.

"He's steady and consistent and does his job" Saints Coach Sean Payton said. "As a player that was selected in round seven, he's started off on a good note. .. He brings a level of consistency and he knows what to do."

Of course this is awesome news. I didn't think it would happen this early, but this is just another example of how serious this team and its front office are about locking up their key players and really making a run for a championship. If this was another player, I would be seriously worried about them taking it easy for the next year or two, but I honestly don't think Colston is that kind of person. With the addition of Shockey to take away some of the pressure from defenses, things are looking mighty good for Marques in 2008. I am expecting big things from him this year.