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What's Your Fantasy?


Think you've got what it takes to beat me in fantasy football? Well, thanks to the folks over at AOL's Fanhouse, this is your chance to try your luck!


Here's how this is going to work:


  • The league will consist of 12 teams.
  • I obviously have one of the teams, leaving 11 teams for you guys.
  •  Out of those 11 teams, I have reserved several spots for a few loyal and active readers who know who they are.
  • This leaves four spots open for ANYONE and EVERYONE!!! All you have to do is register here for the league of your choice, which of course, is Canal Street Chronicles.
  • Four people out of all the people who have registered will get picked randomly to play in the "premier" league sometime around August 1st.
  • If you don't get picked, don't worry! We can start a second or even third league if demand requires it. However, only the original league will be considered the "premier" league.
  • This post will act as a forum for any and all questions you may have. I don't have all the details about all of the rules of the league yet, but I will keep you informed as I receive info.

So if you are interested in playing fantasy football against me and fellow Who Dat's like yourself, register now for your chance to play!