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Saints News: 7.26.08

All of today's news from training camp, including the status of Deuce's knee, Coach Payton's press conference and what some people think about Reggie.

Of course the big news is Deuce's knee and whats going on with that. We won't know more until later, but it appears he has had a bit of a setback. All information comes from a press conference with Coach Payton. The transcript can be found here from the New Orleans Saints official website.

Deuce McAllister wasn’t practicing this morning. Why not?

“He had some fluid drained off of his left knee and Brian Young as well. We’re going to give it an MRI this afternoon to see where he’s at. He had some swelling so we backed off of him this morning, as well as Brian.”

This one is a must read, as is all of the press conference transcripts.

UPDATE: Deuce's MRI was negative. Per the Times Pic.

Deuce McAllister's magnetic resonance imaging test revealed no structural damage in the joint, and the veteran running back could practice on a limited basis during the team's workout at 4:20 p.m. today.

This article about Reggie Bush caused quite a stir. It's from the Times-Pic and it states that Reggie get worse throughout the course of any given game. Because of this, David Gladow suggest only giving Reggie the ball 10 times a game.

From these numbers, can one surmise that the Saints' offensive success was contingent on the production of Bush? I don't think you can go that far (in fact, one can easily jump to the opposite conclusion ... that Bush only went as far as his struggling teammates would let him). Regardless, the point remains that if the Saints coaching staff wants to maximize his impact, Bush probably shouldn't exceed 10 carries per game ... except in the rarest of circumstances.

The article also has some stats to back it up, thought they aren't very valid. I am going to have to disagree with him on this one, and judging by everyone who left a comment on it, they agree with me. This was anything but a scientific study.

Speaking of Reggie, the Clarion Ledger has a story on him and the tone is quite opposite from the aforementioned Times-Pic article.

"I probably have something to prove every year," said Bush, whose six-year contract could pay him up to $62 million. "I try to play like that. But I definitely feel like, yeah, I do have something to prove this year moreso than in the past two years just because I didn't have a great season last year.

"I'm ready to prove that I'm one of those elite running backs year in and year out."

"I feel like (training with the team in the offseason) is definitely going to help me out," said Bush. "It can't hurt me, it can only help me."

"But," he said, "I would prefer 1,200 to 1,300 rushing and about 1,000 receiving."

"When I'm done, I want to be one of the best who ever did it," Bush said. "If I'm not striving for that, I feel like then I'm cutting myself short and there's no reason for me to be here."

Keep working Reggie. You can do it.

Some fans from training camp weighed in on the matter as well.

"I think he did a good job last season," said Brian Schmitt, 13, of Mandeville, who, along with younger brother Kyle, 8, wore a Bush jersey at Millsaps. "And I think he'll do even better this season."

Even older fans are cutting Bush some slack.

"He's still a young guy, so he's got a lot of time to fulfill his expectations," said Colton Ball, 20, of Kiln, Miss.

The New Orleans Saints official website had a quick interview with backup quarterback Mark Brunell. Nothing too earth shattering here.

Q. What advice do you have for Drew Brees and Tyler Palko?

A. You know enjoy it, it goes by fast. Compared to me, those guys are very young. They need to just enjoy every minute of it. As tough as camp might be, enjoy coming out to work with the guys and be apart of something real special.

Here is another one of Jim Henderson's training camp videos from He discusses Jay Bellamy (remember that name?), Hollis Thomas and of course, Deuce McAllister.

ESPN has a camp confidential piece that covers the same old questions and topics from Training camp. Here is what they had to say about Shockey.

2. Can Jeremy Shockey, often portrayed as a malcontent with the New York Giants, get along in his new environment?

It's been suggested (many times) Shockey is selfish and cares only about his statistics. But he'll get a chance to have big statistics with the Saints. New Orleans coach Sean Payton was the offensive coordinator in New York during Shockey's rookie year. This was a trade Shockey wanted, and he's starting off with a clean slate. He could thrive in an offense that also features receiver Marques Colston and running backs Deuce McAllister and Reggie Bush.

Shockey also might be a better fit away from New York, where all his actions -- on and off the field -- were magnified. On Bourbon Street, where things are more laid-back, Shockey might be able to comfortably be himself.

Not too confidential if you ask me.

Here are a bunch of audio clips from WWL's Sports Talk. The first three are their coverage of day one of training camp.

 SportsTalk - Training Camp Day 1
 SportsTalk - Training Camp Day 1

 SportsTalk - Training Camp


Here are the guys talking with Jonathan Vilma.


 SportsTalk - Jonathan Vilma



And here is Mark Brunell.

 SportsTalk - Mark Brunell


Don't forget Charles Grant.

 SportsTalk - Charles Grant


And of course, always outspoken and funny guy, Hollis Thomas, aka "The Mouth." I love him.