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Saints Training Camp Update - Day 5 (Afternoon)

Here we go again for another round of fun in the sun with the boys in the black and gold. The usual offense and defense reports from Fox 40.


4:36 p.m. Also just noticed that David Patten is in just his shorts and jersey. Patten has been full force in every practice so far, not quite sure the reason for the change this

4:52 p.m. I'm watching the receivers try to get off the line against the DB's. Here's a look at most of the wide-outs. Marques Colston dominates his guy. Robert Meachem looked pretty good getting clear. Terrance Copper and Lance Moore both got held up pretty good at least once. Adrian Arrington was decent, but not great getting separation.

5:05 p.m. So is the progress of Robert Meachem: as soon as we see something good from him he drops a pass right in his chest in a drill where their are no defenders.

5:10 p.m. We're also seeing Lance Moore take some snaps with the first team offense. Moore just made a nice catch on a comeback route.

5:37 p.m. More on that intensity theme, Adrian Arrington just caught a pass and although they aren't tackling, he got popped pretty good by Jason Craft.

5:47 p.m. Switch to special teams work and in kick returns it's still Pierre Thomas and Aaron Stecker back deep with the first unit, with Thomas looking like the main return guy.


4:56 The DBs are out here jamming the receivers. McKenzie and Marques Colston were going against each other, and  the fans around me loved that! From my angle (not a great one) it looked like Colston got around him.

5:33 Defensive end Will Smith just got into it with one of the offensive lineman. It looks like they just got wrapped up after the play, but it took a couple of their teammates to split them up.

5:37 WR Adrian Arrington just had a nice grab and then got nailed by Safety Chris Reis right after the catch. The hit had the entire crowd saying  "ooooooooh"

Larry Holders notes on the afternoon from his blog.

The Times-Pic has an article with info from the afternoons practice as well.

Here is the Clarion Ledger's pictures for the day.

The New Orleans Saints official website had a couple of interviews. Below are the transcripts. All are must reads.

Transcript of Sean Payton's press conference

Transcript of interview with Chris Reis

Also check out a video interview with Roman Harper the Saints website has up in their multimedia section.

Here are two audio clips from Sports Talk today. They both discuss the days events.
 New Orleans Saints - Saints Training Camp
 New Orleans Saints - Saints Training Camp

More from Fletcher Mackel of WDSU. This time he's got a video interview with the man himself, Mr. Dulymus McAllister. Check it out.

The daily video review from Day 5 of training camp, brought to you by Mike Triplett and John DeShazier of the Times-Pic.

Here is a cool diary entry from Jonathan Vilma done for the Times-Pic. It is similar to the blog that Mark Campbell is doing for the Saints official website. Definitely cool, as it gives us a little personal insight and shows us a side we don't normally get to see.

I decided to get a place in the warehouse district. A lot of guys recommended that for me, being 26 and single with no kids. There are some great restaurants, some great eating around there and some good nightlife. At the same time, I felt being in New York that I always took great pride in knowing when to go out and when to stay in. I know where to draw the line. I went back to Miami for the last month before camp started, so I'm still just getting settled.

The Clarion Ledger had a quick piece about the cornerbacks looking very good this morning.

"The ball kept on coming to my side," Young said, "so I kept on having a chance at it."

Makes sense to me. This is really good news for Saints fans. The cornerbacks looking good? Someone better make sure hell hasn't frozen over yet.

Here is an article from WWL about the guy everyone loves to hate...Jason David.

"It’s special," David said of his 11-month-old daughter Jastel. "A lot of people, even though they don’t have kids, they come home to a wife or a pet or something else. You’ve got to find things that make you happy no matter what’s going on in this world.

"No matter what’s going on, find things that make you happy and excite you and keep you smiling."

“That’s always good,” he said. “That always takes your mind off what’s bothering you. Nothing like coming home to your little girls and seeing her smile at you.”

"My first four years in the league, I’ve never entered training camp as the penciled in starter," David said. "When I was in Indianapolis, my rookie year I was competing for my spot. My second year, I was competing with a first-round draft pick. My third year, I was competing with a second-round draft pick."

That's it for now. I will try and add a few updates and links as the evening wears on, so you may want to keep checking back.