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Saints Training Camp Update - Day 6 (Evening)

The Saints are practicing as we speak at Jackson Memorial Stadium. I guess since I have nothing else to do, I will update live as news comes out of training camp.

Fox 40 is, of course, doing their live blogging thing on the offense and defense.


7:34 p.m. Although they were going just half-speed, Marques Colston just made a ridiculous one-handed catch. The guy has bear claws for hands.

7:50 p.m. Lance Moore has had two uncharacteristic drops early in these drills.

8:16 p.m. A stagnant crowd just erupted as Deuce found a hole on the right side and burst free into the open field. Oh yeah, we're in 11-on-11 drills right now.

8:21 p.m. Aside from the little things that Adrian Arrington has to learn, one thing I can say for sure: he has incredible hands. Double-A just made a tough catch on a ball thrown behind him in a crowd of three defenders.

8:31 p.m. Yes, most exciting play on special teams so far in camp. They just executed a fake field goal in which holder Steve Weatherford completed a pass to Jamar Nesbit and he took off in a plod of glory.

8:53 p.m. A new wrinkle to these full offense vs. defense drills, they are adding down and distance to each play. Intensity is pretty high, Lance Moore got blasted by David Roach on an incomplete pass.

9:07 p.m. After throwing an incomplete pass on a rollout to the left, Brees shouted in disgust. You don't normally get that kind of outward emotion from him.

9:13 p.m. Play of the practice. Tyler Palko lofted a 50-yard pass to Skyler Green who made a nice over the shoulder grab. Green has the speed to burn people deep, he just needs to be more consistent holding on to the ball. As soon as I write that Palko drops another bomb to Todd Blythe for a TD, good little run for the third teamers.


7:59 PM Payton is resting Jonathan Vilma this evening, Vilma is with the linebacker corp walking through some drills

8:21 PM The defense hasn't looked very good in the 11-on-11 drills so far. I can't recall having seen more than one incompletion yet from any of the three QBs.

8:57 PM Marquies Gunn is trying to make his presence felt with the second team 'D'. He used a nice little move to get around his blocker and then forced QB Mark Brunell's to throw the ball away. Pressley just joined the tam a few days ago to replace rookie DE Demario Pressley who just got put on Injured Reserved.

9:06 Usama Young just broke up a Brunell pass. This guy is having a really good couple of days, and the coaches seemed to be impressed. He just needs to keep it up.

The New Orleans Saints official website is also getting in the game and live blogging also. Here are the highlights of some of their observations.

The offense and defense are going to start working against each other in different groups right now. On one end of the field the receivers and defensive backs will get some work against each other, while the running backs and linebackers take on each other, while the one-on-ones between the o-line and d-line work in the corner of the field.  Reggie Bush catches a pass in the flat and turns on up field for a long gain.  Te Billy Miller makes a nifty catch along the far sideline.

Aaron Stecker hauls in a pass in the flat on a dead run and gets to the corner, and then RB Pierre Thomas catches a quick in cut across the middle and shakes free from linebacker Marvin Mitchell.

CB Usama Young meets Pierre Thomas at the line of scrimmage on sweep.

*CB Jason Craft stops Barlclay at the lie of scrimmage on a stretch play.  Barclay flew to the corner, but Craft was flying equally as fast.

*QB Tyler Palko scrambles out of the pocket and hits Lynell Hamilton for a 10-yard gain. 

The special teams dedicated portion of practice is extremely crisp. Three things stand out to me:  K Taylor Mehlhaff hit a 46-yard field goal with what look like a 3/4 punch shot that flew right down the middle of the uprights. Mehlhaff has a short, quick approach to the ball and it jumps off his foot.  Secondly, the Saints return men in the punt game have all field punts very cleanly tonight. Not a bobble in sight.  Thirdly, P Steve Weatherford hit a 55-yard punt that was flew out of bounds at the one-yard line in a perfect coffin corner punt.  Special Teams Coordinator Greg McMahon will be pleased with this practice session, I am guessing.

DE's Charles Grant and Will Smith converge on Brees for what would have been a sack. They both pull up before actually hitting him.

Brees just misses on a long bomb to WR David Patten. Credit Jason David with tight coverage.

RB Chris Barclay attempts to make a tough comeback reception along the sideline, but lands awkwardly as he reaches back for the ball and crumbles. He reaches for his left knee as the trainers race towards him. RB Reggie Bush and Deuce McAllister hustle over to him to lend support.  Barclay is helped to the bench where head trainer Scottie Patton tends to him.

Arrington almost makes a diving reception but Reis doesn't allow the pass to be completed. On the next play, Arrington gets loose down the middle in hauls in a 25-yard pass from Brunell.

Out of what looks a like rugby scrum, RB Pierre Thomas emerges for a nice gain. Where have we seen that before?

Brees and Terrance Cooper hook up for a 35-yard gain in two minute drill and on the next play the QB fires a perfect pass into the corner for David Patten, who hauls in the pass against the second string defense.

Here is the Times-Pic's summary of the evening practice.