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2008 Training Camp Review - Day 7

Roster Moves Chris Barclay has had a rough couple of days. First he sprains his knee and gets carted off the field. Today, the team waived him along with Tuff Harris. How can you cut a guy whose name is Tuff? The team then signed safety Curome Cox. Payton said the injury was not the reason the team waived Barclay.

Stop Outsourcing Yet another person who thinks Deuce might not  be alright and we just have to have another veteran back , specifically, Shaun Alexander.

I am a big fan of Pierre Thomas (Baby Deuce). He showed promise last year, with a record performance against Chicago. However, he still lacks that "wear'em down" strength. In order for the Saints not to become one dimensional, they will need a between0-the-tackles runner.

And Shaun Alexander is the right guy for that job? Please. I think we're okay as we stand. What the heck does Pierre have to do to get some respect?

Dead Man Walking As if Reggie needs an excuse to be distracted from having a Pro Bowl season this year, he has to deal with an incredibly over eager psycho hose beast girlfriend.

"I was in Vegas last weekend for a bachelorette party and saw how hectic it is to plan a wedding, so I’ve decided to start planning mine before being asked!"

More notes from camp:

  • Shockey did not suffer any injury yesterday. No worries.
  • Devery Henderson is apparently listed as a starter on the Saints official depth chart. You can see it on their website.
  • Sedrick Ellis played with the second team today.
  • Jon Stinchcomb tweaked his shoulder.
  • The Saints continued to do a lot of red zone work. The defense looked good during this portion.
  • We won't see any real live tackling until the first preseason game against Arizona.
  • Colston made a sick one-handed grab down the sideline for the play of the day.

Must Reads

Transcript of interview with Sedrick Ellis from the New Orleans Saints official website.

Transcript of interview with Sean Payton from the New Orleans Saints official website.

The Times-Pic had not one, but two articles about Sedrick Ellis but all of the information is from the press conference. So did the New Orleans Saints official website. That's why I put the transcripts in the Must Read section.

Check out another Cox Sports TV video.


Here is a video of Juan Kincaid of discussing the arrival of Sedrick Ellis.

The Advocate has an article about the battle for cornerback and includes quotes from Randall Gay and Jason David.

Randall Gay.

“All the players made it a real easy transition,” Gay said. “Everybody’s been nice and cooperative. They’re trying to help. They’re trying to make sure this team gets better. I don’t think they like what happened with the team last year, and they want to get better.

“I guess they know I’m going to push everybody to get better. They’re going to help me get better and we’re going to improve as a team.”

“When somebody goes down, you have got to be prepared to take over,” Gay said. “That’s why I’m still in the league right now. (Ex-Patriots cornerback) Ty Law got hurt and I had to be able to step in and get his reps and be able to perform.

“So with Mike being out, everybody gets more reps at practice to be able to perform and be able to show what they can do.”

“In the end, you’re looking for your best football players and guys that are going to contribute,” he said. “I think we have good competition right now, and hopefully, that will increase the level of play at that position.”

Jason David.

“We’ve got a lot of great depth at cornerback from the young guys to the older guys,” David said, “so there’s going to be a lot of competition out there throughout this camp.”

“It’s part of the profession,” he said. “Sometimes things don’t go your way, so you just have got to do better and get better at your profession.” did a top ten list of the most losingest cities in America. You can guess who is number one.

New Orleans

0 championships in 47 years

When a city’s crowning sports moment is winning a regular-season football game after Hurricane Katrina, it’s not a good sign. Sure, that famous moment breathed life into a devastated city, but a championship never has. The Saints have four decades of mediocrity without even a conference title to their name. The Hornets haven’t been around long, but did manage a division title in 2008. They locked up point guard Chris Paul in early July with a $68 million deal, with the hope he can bring a title to our No. 1 losingest sports city.

This guy at Bleacher Report thinks the Saints and Cowboys have similar teams. Yeah. Except the Saints are better! Let's see how our writer compares, say, the quarterbacks.

They throw TDs. They throw for a lot of yards, and the list goes on.

You know what? I never noticed that. They do both throw touchdowns and for a lot of yards. Were they separated at birth or something?

The Times-Pic had yet another getting to know you article on Robert Meachem Skyler Green Randall Gay Mike McKenzie Hollis Thomas. Actually, because Hollis Thomas is such an animated jokester this one was actually funny.

"I just lost a substantial amount of weight," Thomas said. "I'm not going to say anything (about how much weight). A gentleman doesn't disclose. A gentleman doesn't kiss and tell. I look slightly better. Just a little bit better."

"I feel a significant amount of difference in my endurance and my ability to be out there more and run," he said. "And obviously, without the weight comes quickness. I take all that seriously. Last year, I kind of fell off the horse -- and they threw me back on. I'm trying to stay on it now."

"It was a collective thing," Thomas said. "It wasn't anything they pushed me to do. They asked me if I wanted to do something, and I said, 'Yes.' They explained it to me, gave me all the ins and outs of the whole ordeal, and it was up to me. I decided to do it.

"I know I had to get on the ball if I wanted to continue doing something that I enjoy doing. There are consequences to getting too heavy. You're labeled as, 'You can't do it anymore, you lost a step,' and you just don't want to be labeled like that."

"It was just a lifestyle change," he said. "It was smart eating and stuff. That was the key. Dieting is not deprivation. It's just a change of lifestyle and a change of eating habits.

"Pizza, cheeseburgers -- you know. Everything that looks good is not good for you. It was off the list. Once you get into it, you get used to seeing everybody else eating, and you going about your business, eating what you're supposed to."

Still nothing from

Question of the Day: Should/Could the Saints think about trading one of our many receivers for more help at another position or a draft pick?