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Getting to Know: YOU!! - Patriotic Edition

Mrs. Frumplesworth says "Be careful when handling fireworks this weekend!"

Sorry to those of you who were hoping to see the Saints MNF game against Tennessee as part of 2007: Redux (Just for you Hollywoo!). We now return to your regularly scheduled Friday afternoon post.

  • You are fighting in the Revolutionary War in 1776. Which current Saint would you want fighting by your side? Extra points if you describe what he's wearing.
  • If Drew was one of our forefathers, which one would he be?
  • What four all-time Saints players would be on the Saints version of Mt. Rushmore?
  • What do you think Reggie is doing this 4th of July? Kim Kardashian is not an acceptable answer.
  • What will you be doing this 4th of July weekend?

Have a great Fourth of July weekend!!