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Saints News: 7.04.08

Happy 4th of July!!

Not much today. Sorry.

I actually missed this one yesterday. It's from the Star Herald in Mississippi and it's about the Saints returning to Millsaps for training camp.

“We look forward to the excitement that always comes with having the New Orleans Saints on campus,” said Millsaps College President Frances Lucas. “This is a great opportunity for fans to come see a professional football team and see the Millsaps campus.”

“I have always been a proponent of holding training camp away, and Millsaps has done a wonderful job in hosting us,” said Coach Sean Payton. “It is close enough for our fans in New Orleans to drive to Jackson and see us practice, and the people of Jackson have been tremendously supportive. We look forward to starting up again soon.”

I am really going to try and make it out there one weekend and bring back a report for you guys.

The Saints and Hornets will be gettin' paid! Per The Advocate, Bobby Jindal has signed the bill that includes state payments to the two teams.

House Bill 1287, which uses money left over from the financial year that ended Monday for a wide range of expenses. That list includes state payments to the New Orleans Saints football team, New Orleans Hornets basketball team, and various projects in legislators’ districts.