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Saints News: 7.09.08 Part Deux

I missed these two articles today.

The Northeast Ledger had an article about training camp in Jackson this year and what affect gas prices will have on attendance. Here are some quotes.

"The people from New Orleans who are taking vacation at that time - school's getting ready to start, so it's the last chance to do it - so instead of driving, say, to Florida and going that extra mileage, they may decide 'I'll only drive three hours and visit Jackson for the Saints camp," said Gina Aswell, the manager of communications and public relations for the Jackson Convention and Visitors Bureau.

"The crowds may not be affected as much (by the gas prices) because people are discontinuing those longer drives and flights and starting to drive in the region more. So it may help us. We won't know until it gets here, but we expect the crowds to be as large as they've ever been."

"We already have a package up on our Web site about Saints camp," said assistant manager John Rabe. "We're already starting to see some influx (of reservations) from media personnel and a lot of fans. We're hoping to be more of a draw, with gas prices being what they are, as people look at taking mini-trips from Louisiana and the Gulf Coast."

"It's all tied into football; the Saints are here and Jackson is such a big football town as well," Aswell said. "It runs through Dec. 31, but someone who is coming in for the training camp, if they come in and stay for four days, they'll definitely eat 10 times in that time frame, so they can enter into that promotion and maybe get to come back up here and see the Saints in the Super Bowl."

"It's fun for the people who live here in Jackson," Pixler said. We've got no professional teams here, except for the (Mississippi) Braves. I'm not a New Orleans fan, but it's still professional football, and I'm sure I'll bring my kids out to see them."

All the way from Monterey County, CA comes this article from their Herald about new Saint Carl Nicks and when he will actually sign with the team.

"It's sort of like their MO (method of operation),'' said Nicks' father. "No one is too concerned. You cannot get too excited until September.''

"From what I understand, that is when the Saints want to start negotiating,'' said Nicks, who played one season at Hartnell College. "I'm not worried. I'm pretty sure we'll get this deal done next week.''

"I'm out here because it's hot and humid,'' said Nicks, a fifth-round selection by the Saints in April's draft. "It's too cool in Salinas. This is a good transition. I'm trying to get faster and stronger.''

"I don't have a lot to go on,'' Nicks said. "I know they want you to earn your keep before you re-sign. It makes sense from a business standpoint to keep a player a year longer. I just want the best opportunity for me."

Nicks is looking for a three year deal, but reports say that the Saints maybe looking at a four year deal. He should get some help from the fact that the Rams signed fifth round pick offensive guard Roy Schuening to a three-year deal worth $295,00 this year and $495,000 the final year.

This is what he had to say about Jake Long's big payday.

"All offensive linemen smiled with that contract,'' Nicks said.

And some more quotes.

"Whatever gets me on the field,'' Nicks said. "I told our offensive line coach to give me something to work with and I'll adjust. I saw the move as an opportunity.''

"The guy in front of me is great,'' said Nicks, who at 345 is the heaviest lineman on the roster. "I just want to get in there and learn something from the guy."

And his thoughts on recent minicamp.

"I was kind of nervous when I got there,'' Nicks said. "After a while, it's a grind. Everyone is a little faster and stronger. The speed of the game is the significant difference. Like everything, it's an adjustment."

This is how it all sums up.

"It'll get done,'' Nicks said. "I'll be in on time."

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