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Saints Training Camp Update - Day 9

It was a boring and slow morning today with not much action. Due to lightning in the area, practice was cut short. The afternoon practice went off as regularly scheduled.

Fox 40's offense notes from the morning practice.

Fox 40's defense notes from the morning practice.

Fox 40's offense notes from the afternoon practice.

Fox 40's defense notes from the afternoon practice.

Times-Pic's notes from the morning session.

Times-Pic's notes from the afternoon session.

Clarion Ledger's notes from the morning session.

Notes on the morning session from the New Orleans Saints official website.

Notes on the afternoon session from the New Orleans Saints official website.

The only real highlight of the morning seems to be a deep pass from Drew Brees to Lance Moore.

Here is the video wrap up of yesterday's action from the guys over at the Times-Pic


And here is their video from today.

Fox Sports thinks the Saints have quite an interesting team.

2. The Saints try to save several careers

There are a lot of exciting players in the NFL. There are only a few that make you say "Wow, I don't know if I've ever seen anybody quite like this guy."

Jeremy Shockey burst onto the scene as one of those guys. Just a freak — a receiver in a tight end's body. But he has this little problem: he can't finish a season. And there were mumbles last year that Shockey's need for the ball was hindering Eli Manning's development with the Giants. Then Shockey got hurt, and Manning won the Super Bowl. If Shockey is the player he thinks he is, New Orleans can be a Super Bowl threat.

Reggie Bush is one of those guys, too. Nobody puts together a highlight like Bush. He is, unquestionably, a great weapon to have on your team. But is he a running back?

Entering his third season, Bush is averaging 3.7 yards per carry. He has an upright running style that is ill-suited to the NFL. Bush was supposed to revolutionize the running-back position, but so far, the position has transformed him. We'll find out soon if he is truly an NFL star, or another electrifying college player whose skills don't quite translate to the pros.

Add linebacker Jonathan Vilma — who could be on his way to another Pro Bowl or retirement, depending on his knee — and the Saints are as intriguing as any team in the league.

Check out this cool video about how well the Saints players know their teammates, from WDSU.

And of course, another video from Cox Sports TV. This time, Deuce is the man of the minute.

Well its been so long now, some of us may have forgotten about the lawsuit being filed against Mr. Reggie Bush. The Clarion Ledger reminds us of the case, however, and its new developments.. Bush's lawyers wanted the case to proceed privately, but today a judge said "I don't think so!"

“They desperately want confidentiality, because they don’t want the public to know of his fraud and wrongdoing,”

The case now moves closer to trial though Bush does have a chance to appeal. Bush runs the risk of losing his Heisman Trophy.

Speaking of Reggie Bush and his Heisman...this year is agreed by many to be Reggie's make or break year. So will he make it or break it? Fox Sports has their opinion.

Who would've thought that Reggie Bush would make this list when he was drafted? Instantly hailed as the next Gale Sayers, I even twisted my ankle jumping on his bandwagon. To this point, it seems like we had it all wrong. Bush is in the perfect situation for success: A great QB, a prolific passing game and an offensive line that sports a dominant left tackle in Jammal Brown and a Pro-Bowl snub in right guard Jahri Evans. But Bush has had all of these things in both of his first two years, so what makes this year different? He can finally combine what he did his first two years. Make or Break? Make. If he can keep himself healthy through the season, there should be nothing standing in the way of him and an easy 1,500 total yard season.