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Saints Training Camp Update - Day 16

This mornings practice was taken indoors due to the inclement weather, but the afternoon session went on as planned. Therefore we only have notes on what happened this afternoon. This is the last practice at Millsaps before the team returns to the Metairie facility tomorrow, where practice will resume on Wednesday with the Houston Texans.

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Some of the highlights include an appearance by country singer and Sean Payton doppelganger, Kenny Chesney. He was out there wearing a #7 jersey and catching passes. This is not the first time we have seen the musician at TC.

Good news on the secondary front, as Usama Young and Jason David both intercepted passes. David did get beat on a prior passing play however.

Also good news, Devery Henderson actually caught a long ball, though he didn't keep both feet inbounds.

Tracy Porter was on the field today and fielding punts for the first time.

I am also about to hook you guys up with some linkage over in the FanShots. Always be checking over there from now on!