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Texans @ Saints: Game Predictions

Today we will continue what we started last week with CSC's first ever game predictions. Before we get to your predictions, we have some leftover business to take care of. Let's take a trip down memory lane and see what everyone said last week and find out who was closest and who was way off. Join me, wont you?

Member Name Prediction Analysis
Stujo4 Jason David has a pick and nice play on a deep pass which causes a cornerback controversy and much discussion amongst us all Wishful thinking.
Grumps Bush bobbles a punt return attempt…Mark Campbell catches a TD and impresses with his blocking…Meachem doesnt score but has 100 plus yards…

Pretty close on the last one. Half Credit.

Satchmo26 Both Meachem and Arrington will score a TD. One from Brunell and one from Palko. Ellis will get two sacks. Pierre will break off a run of 30+ yards and will also score a TD. Usama gets a pick. Hmmm...Half credit too.
Jjwest11 Something like this will most assuredly happen, minus the screw up at the end: And something like this probably happens every huddle with the boys in black and gold: No, but definitely funny!
Bobbay1224 1)Bush attempts to run up the middle but is once again shut down.
2)Ellis gets doubled and only gets a pass deflection.
3)Jo-Lonn Dunbar stuffs up the middle.
4)Skyler Green looks good on returning kicks and catches enough passes.
I guess Bush did get shut down at least once up the middle. Where ya't Bobbay1224? Speak up more often!
Super Dud arrington and meachem will shine…but arrington will outshine meachem. skylar shows us all why he deserves a roster spot over devery. gay and usama each get a pick. pierre continues to impress (running the ball) while stecker continues down the path of mediocrity and finally, ellis sacks Warner causing him to have hip-replacement surgery. Warner then returns to his local supermarket and gets his old job back.

Dud has spoken. The first one was soooo close!
Real Saint On the first drive bush brakes loose for a TD.
Meachem has a real nice game with 100 yards and a TD in the second quarter.
Brunnel remains his old self and sucks…so we trade to get brett farve as a back up…yes
And Ellis shows us he is every thing we dreamed he would be with 2 sacks.
Very close on the Meachem prediction!
Kfunck1 After falling woefully behind, Saints pull improbably comeback with 3rd stringers and practice squad, blocking 2 Cardinal field goals and returning them for touchdowns. Wisenhunt channels his inner Denny Green and gives another press conference for the ages. (Like Bears, Saints then go on to win NFC, but beat their opponent in the Superbowl.) Nope.
Admirals4 Adrian Arrington will score once and Pierre Thomas will score twice. Nice try. Would love to hear more from you.
Walter FTW 1. On the opening play...(read original post for rest. It's worth it.) Way off, but hilarious! Keep them coming.
tisk1066 I’ve got McCray and Smith witha couple of sacks
Big Sed and Grant (when they play hime inside) will look real good side by side with Ellis getting a sack
I’ve got Young and Gay with a couple interception thanks to the pressure applied by the front 4
KK will sure up his spot as one of the starting safety
Pierre Thomas will beast it out with 100+ yds and 2+ TDs
Bush will shine with Mark Campell blocking and AA and Mecheam making the Cardinal D honor our deep pass.
Skyler Green will earn his spot on the roster by returning 2 punts for TDs. (This will ake the national media sit up… this kid has skills in the open field.)
xen-cuts neither meachem not arrington step up. No way!!
B-n-G 1) Randall Gay has changed his last name...(see original post for rest. Also genius.) Another hilarious prediction, but of course, not even close.

Winner: Nobody was dead on this week but I give credit to anyone who said something positive about Meachem and/or Arrington. I think Real Saint was probably the closest however, and so I crown him this weeks winner!

Loser: Xen-Cuts. Meet CSC's resident Debbie Downer. Glad to see he was way off on his prediction for the sake of the team. Maybe we can expect a brighter prediction from Xen today!

Funniest: B-n-G with Walter FTW in a close second.

It's time for round two! Leave your shiny new predictions in the comment section. Last week had a great response, so let's see if we can keep it up or even better, get more!! Kudos to those members who made their CSC debuts with their predictions last week. I encourage you guys to join in the conversation more often. We all want to know what you have to say about the team.

Have fun!!