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CSC Fantasy Football: Let's Get It On!


Okay guys, Canal Street Chronicles Premier Fanhouse league has been filled, set up and ready to go!! Here are this years players in draft order:

Draft Pos. Player Team Name
1 Chest Rockwell The Wrath of Chest
2 Super Dud LSU Saints
3 Stujo4 Number 9...Number 9...
4 kman71 Saints (not Aints)
5 MarcusR

Regent's Park Soul

6 Satchmo26 Satchmo's Dynamo's
7 Hollywoo! Big Easy Teasies
8 therick2323 Wyld Stallions
9 stevethefan Dome Patrol
10 Saintsational Saintsational's Team
11 shecky Shecky's Marauders
12 DeuceIsLoose Road to Tampa


The draft will be held next Sunday, August 24th at 8pm EST. Let the games begin!

I have two people who are interested in playing but don't have any more spots in this league. I need 12 teams to start another league. If there are ten more CSC readers out there who are interested in playing fantasy football, leave a comment on this thread. If we can get 10 more people, I will be happy to start a second league, though it wouldn't be counted as the official CSC Fanhouse Premier league.

By the way, enjoy this audio clip from WWL's Sports Talk. The boys talk to Marc Vandermeer, the Houston Texans play-by-play caller.

 SportsTalk - 4:30-Houston Texans, Part 2