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2008 Training Camp Review - Day 9

Colston and Shockey Both sat out the afternoon practice and the seriousness of their injuries are somewhat unknown to the public. The addition of Shockey to the Saints was immediately touted as possibly being the key to an even more dangerous offense. Shockey would free up Colston and vice versa. Defenses would be forced to account for both players on the field, but if both players are still dealing with injuries come week one, what good is any of it? Here's hoping precautionary measures are just being taken during training camp, but in addition to other important names sitting out (McAllister, McKenzie, Young, Porter) perhaps we should all be a bit more reserved about our high expectations for this season.

Training Camp Scuffle No, I'm not talking about the rumble between Steve Smith and Ken Lucas at Panthers camp. We had our very own little tussle at Millsaps yesterday between Todd Blythe and Wale Dada.

A pair of free-agent hopefuls got into a brief face-mask pulling, pawing skirmish in the afternoon session. Wide receiver Todd Blythe and cornerback Wale Dada tangled. Blythe got a parting shot to Dada's helmet as the two separated. - Times-Pic

Fashion First Fox 40 has been a great source of live coverage for training camp practice sessions, but one area of their journalism has been grossly overlooked...their keen eye for fashion and their dedication to keeping us informed of our favorite players' clothing choices.

Patten has chosen the capri length cut-off sweat pants look with his black shorts cut in half on top of the sweat pants.

Other notes from camp:

  • Usama is still looking good. He had two pass breakups.
  • Brees started the afternoon off hot.
  • Lance Moore was solid on the day.
  • Martin Gramatica may have a kidney stone. He did not practice.
  • Meachem had a great day and was responsible for the play of the day, a 40-yard pass from Brees.

Terrance Copper on Sports Talk.

 SportsTalk - Terrence Copper

This article from the Times-Pic tells us that tomorrows scrimmage should reveal a lot about our new and improved defense. While that may be true, I think the actual preseason games will show us more.

Never mind Reggie Bush, Peter Finney of the Times-Pic wants to know whether this season will be the year Sean Payton breaks out and compares him with his former mentor, Bill Parcells.

"What has always impressed me about Sean is his intelligence, his passion for the game," Parcells said. "He has an inquiring mind. He's interested in acquiring knowledge from all available sources and applying it as he sees fit. He has the makings of a solid, successful professional coach."

The Advocate. Getting to know you article. Skyler Green.

“It’s very important because coaches are going to see what guys can do out there in the scrimmage and exhibition games,” Green said. “You have to put forth your best effort and just do your part. You have to let everything fall where it may.”

“I just haven’t had the opportunity to get stable yet,” he said. “Once I get the opportunity to be stable somewhere, I think that’s when I’ll get some chances and live opportunities out on the field.”

“I’ve had a pretty good camp up until now. I just have to continue doing what I’m doing and keep playing fast and have great energy out there,” Green said. “That’s what I go out and do every day. I have to catch the ball well and do everything right.

“I came here thinking I’m going to have to work the hardest out of everybody,” he said. “That’s what I’ve been doing, working my way up the depth chart as quickly as possible. Hopefully, I’ve opened the eyes of some of the coaches.”

Question of the Day: With the talk about Mike Karney dropping some weight, how do you think Mike Karney will fit into this offense? Do you think Payton has any tricks up his sleeve?