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Saints @ Bengals: Game Predictions

It's everybody's favorite time of week. Prediction time!! This week the Saints take on the Bengals in Cincinnati. Go ahead and throw out your legitimate and/or ridiculously hilarious predictions for this weeks contest. But first, let's all get a good laugh at everyone's predictions for last week's Texans game.

Member Name Prediction Analysis
dmcgoey Will and Sed both have a sack and Young makes a pick! Not even close.
We get our first televised shot of Hollis Thomas using his (legal) inhaler on the sidelines

I agree, Usama Young gets a pick.
Pierre scores.
Gramatica scores. Mehlhaff does not, and also fails to kick a touchback. (It’s pretty nice to have a kicker that can put it in the endzone. No danger of a runback and less wear and tear on the special teams)

Close. Gramatica did score. Technically, so did Mehlhaff, but he did NOT have a touchback. 2/6.

mechum has letdown...

and Pierre Thomas does well only to remain buried on the depth chart.

I don't think Meachem had a chance to be a let down. Pierre was mediocre.

Henderson both impresses and causes severe head trauma of all Saints fans by showing his speed for a big catch, while at the same time allowing several easy catches to “doink” off of his hands…resulting in a collective slapping of ones head or banging it on the wall…

Stecker once again shows he is able to gain tough yards, Thomas breaks a couple of big runs on the outside and is able to pound the ball up the middle…

Brees once again leads the Saints down field on the first possession of the game for a score…

Lance Moore shows his consistency in catching the ball in tough situations…

This one is pretty close. Henderson did drop one. Stecker looked pretty darn good. The Lance Moore one is kinda dead on.
Satchmo26 1. The run blocking will be better and Bush will actually sneak past Mario Williams for a big gain that won’t get called back like last week. Bush will score a TD.
2. Mehlhaff will kick off two into the endzone resulting in touchbacks. I have faith that “the kid” will look better this week. He’ll also kick a 30+ yard FG.
3. Palko will bobble yet another snap.
4. The first team offense will score a TD on it’s opening drive again.
5. Meachem and Pierre will both score TD’s in the second half.
6. One of our CB’s will finally get a pick. My seeing glass is a little hazy now. I can’t see exactly which CB it will be.
Right about a Bush TD. I think your seeing glass was very hazy. Dust it off a little bit for this week's predictions.

On the offensive side:

1. Reggie Bush continues to struggle rushing inside—largely because…

2. ...the offensive line struggles even more to open holes for the running game.

3. Brees gets sacked once by Mario Williams. He also throws an interception.

4. Meachum’s focus wavers and he has a couple drops.

On the defensive side:

1. The defensive line looks even better than it did against the Cards.

2. But a member of the front seven goes down with a season-ending injury.

3. The first, second, and third defensive units give up at least one big play each.

4. But each gets a turnover.

Overall: Saints win, 20-17.

1 and 2 are pretty correct. That's about it.

By the way, MtnExile and his twin brother MT_Always (it's the MT thing. I get confused) get the award for more active new members. Keep up the awesome work!

Steve the Fan

A Saint will block a punt and recover the ball and try to score only to lose the ball while attempting a lateral.

Reggie Bush will score a touchdown after running over Mario Williams.

Mark Brunell receives his AARP card in a tearfull half time suprise ceremony.

Well, the second one is oddly close if you think about Reggie's hurdle. It just wasn't Williams.

1. If meachem plays he will show that he has steady hands and catch a few for about 65 yards.

2. Bush will score on a short run on are first drive.

3. will smith will get a sack.

4. Drew brees will be the same throwing with percision

5. are offensive line will be great in the pass and show a little improvement on the run.

I think the only one that you got was #4, and that one is so obvious it doesn't even count.
jjwest11 The Texans will handle our ass pennies: Funny. Absolutely nothing to do with the Saints or the sport of football in general, but still...funny.
tisk1066 Offense
Bress in 1 team will open up with a score
OL will be much more productive in run block.
Jon Stinchcomb is not the answer… someone will step up and take over his job.
Duece will only rush for the 1st, maybe 2nd possessions
Bush will run at least 2 20+ runs and 1 TD
Devery will drop every easy pass and Payton will decide he is expendable
Meachem will continue to show up.
With HT out, Grant (if he goes) will play inside for more downs hen he would if HT were able to go.
Ellis will have a sack.
Smith and Grant will have a sack a piece
I still see KK taking the saftey postion with Roman Harper.
Young will have an interception and pull a Mike Mac and return it for a TD
Special Teams
Taylor Melholf will have a much better game and I think, in the end will beat out Grammitca. (not enough room on the roster to keep em both)
I still am waiting for Skyler green to return one. (if he doesn’t I don’t see him making the team.)
All these different predictions but not many of them were very close. Mehlhaff did have a better game.

Seems a lot of people thought Usama Young would get an interception. Sorry to say that didn't happen. A lot of you also thought the Saints would open up with a score. Sorry.

Funniest Prediction: I think the funniest would have to go to jwest11 for enlivening our day's with that wonderful video, even though he didn't write something funny. I'm sure he was waiting all week to figure out how he could use that video. Steve the Fan is runner up thanks to his Mark Brunell/AARP crack. He may be old, but he's still got it!

As far as who was the most accurate, I have decided since this is a democracy to let you guys determine who you think should win, so be sure to vote below. I chose a handful of the people that I thought were the closest. The rest is up to you.

I would be willing to give out prizes to make this more interesting. Because of my business, I guess I would consider giving out CSC polo shirts or something similar. What do you guys think about that? We would need a cool design or font or something. I'm open for ideas and submissions. Leave them in the comment section.

So let's see what you guys got this week. Remember that the starters are probably going to play for the first three quarters. I hope to see everyone make their prediction for this weeks game. Otherwise, you may get called out by name!