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Dolphins @ Saints: Game Predictions


Before we get started, we have to give a shout out to Grumps, who was voted most accurate predictor by all of you guys last week. It took him a little while to figure it out, but when he did, he was very humble and very accepting. So just for you Grumps, here is your avatar on the front page, nice and big for all to see. Congrats! I am still open for ideas on giving out prizes, but no one spoke up last week.

Let's get into last weeks predictions and possible winners and then make this weeks!

Member Name Prediction Analysis
MtnExile Hap says the Cincinnati game is going to be the Reggie Bush Show. What does he know…I’m not gonna listen to him anymore. Don't listen to Hap anymore.
dmcgoey will and sed both "do not" have a sack and young "does not" make a pick! i should be dead on the money with this prediction LOLOLOL!!!

Yeah, you were close, but since two of those players didn't play, I don't think we can count them.


D-line is surprisingly good v Cincy. Gives up less than 100 yards rushing and gets 2 sacks.

Shockey plays and drops a pass but also makes a few receptions and a TD.

This one is good! Only 38 yards rushing for the Bengals and well over 2 sacks. Shockey didn't play, but he was supposed to.


Deuce takes one up the middle to the house.
Reggie takes a screen to the house.
Pierre gets 2 touches both for 7+ yards yet earns no respect.

Jason David plays in the 4th quarter and knocks 1 pass down, and picks another. This makes Coach think he can use him again causing Saints fans to tear their jerseys in frustration.. oh wait thats Game 1 we do that.

D gets 1 sack – not sure if its a total collapse of the Oline or the Dline actually doing anything.

legal disclaimer Magic 8 Ball is not to be held responsible for anything MT predicts.

Wrong about Pierre and Deuce. JD didn't do much though the D did get at least 1 sack.
MobileSaint Saints will showcase Devery Henderson hoping to lure trade interest, and Devery will catch a long bomb from Brees for a touchdown in the second quarter. As the Bengals need a WR (see Chris Henry signing), the Bengals acquire Henderson from the Saints at halftime for the cornerback Henderson beat for the TD. Who will fit right in in Saints secondary. No sir.

The media is on to the Jason David controversy, so he is mentioned often by the commentators and JD gets plenty of cam time, none of it very positive or flattering.

Reggie scores again. Deuce again has 6 touches or less.

Again Mehlhaff has no touchbacks. Gramatica scores.

We do see one player get some serious ass-chewing on the sideline by Coach Payton.

Wow, Deuce touched it EXACTLY 6 times. No score from Reggie and I believe Mehlhaff does get a touchback.

Low hanging fruit

Jason David gets beat deep (25+ yards) once and gets beat twice on 15-25 yard plays.

Devery Henderson drops two passes.

Higher Branch
McCray gets a sack.

Top of the Tree
Reggie has a huge game. USC style.

Close. Henderson drops one. McCray does get a sack. No huge game for Reggie.
Steve the fan

Deuce will run wild on the Bengals.

Colston will surprisingly drop a couple of passes leading to commentators on CSC calling for his trade/release.

After being castrated by Payton, the defense has a good game.

2/3 for Steve. Colston does drop a ball he normally grabs and the defense does have a good game. No word on the status of the defensive player's penises.

Jason David gets another chance to lose his starting job. Gets beat twice deep and then loses his man in the endzone for a TD.

Brees looks ready to go: 16 of 20, 197 yds and 2 TD.

Bush still can’t run up the middle, however, has a big gain on a swing pass in the flat.

Deuce gets more touches, 10 carries 57 yds.

Shockey makes his first start and we all see what we have been waiting for. He makes a catch deep down the middle for a big gain and also scores a TD.

Meachem gets more chances to impress and does.

D-line looks good finially getting some pressure. Ellis gets pressure up the middle for a sack.

More blitzing on defense. Haven’t seen much this preseason.

Brees wasn't that great, but close. Meachem does impress and the D-line does get more pressure on more blitzes. everything else is wrong.
r c a
1.porter will get his first pick(and there will be much rejoicing) 2.harris will lead team in tackles(again) 3.maccray will get first sack as a saint (and there will be much rejoicing) 4. J D # 42 (i refuse to type his name ever again) will not see the field. 5.chris reis sees time with first team. Only one out of the five.
baghead Brees is great, Reggie gets a few first downs running to the outside and out of bounds (but stuffed up the middle), Deuce gets a few carries and looks OK but nothing special, Shockey makes a few catches but does not get a lot of playing time, David Patten and Colston score our TDs. Defense looks God awful – no pressure on the QB, secondary is smoked for huge pass plays. The final score… who cares, the defense still sucks! Defense looked much better then suck!

this will be Reggie’s biggest preseason game, he’ll get 6 carries for 60+ yards with a touchdown (on a reverse play). Deuce will have 6 carries for 30 yards. Porter will have an interception and Henderson will actually have a couple catches totalling around 80 yards with 1 touchdown. Ellis will also record a few hurries and sack.

and 3 or reggies runs are actually up the middle where one of them he breaks for a big gain…

Very optimistic. And very off.

1) Once again Chasin David (I love that name) gets burned for a 20 yard loss, but will also break up a big pass.
2) We will see Deuce limping off the field. (Sorry)
3) Breez will look unstoppable, and connect with Patten for six
4) Mehlhaff kicks for a touchback, along with 2 field goals
5) And finally my boy P. Thomas scores on a hard run, showing his touhgness.

Mehlhaff kicks a bomb that will miss……. Sad I know, but there is some good that will come out of this. The ball will bounce off the upright and nail Gibbs right b\t the eyes. This will knock him unconscious. While he is out, he will do two things. 1) He will have a dream. In this dream a Cyclops on a unicorn will teach him the secret to have a first class D-fence. He will apply this knowledge and the Saints will go on to win the Supa Bowl this year. 2) He will crap his pants on national TV. SWEET!!!!!!!!!

This one is only in the running for funniest. Not most accurate.

1. Reggie Bush will actually see decent yardage up the middle and will out perform Aaron Stecker for once in his life, in the running game at least.
2.Shockey will block well but Campbell will catch a TD pass instead of Shockey.
3.Deuce will look like his old self.
4. Jason David actually looks like he is getting paid to play this game and everybody will breathe a sigh of relief.
5. Skyler Green and Robert Meachem catch equal amount of passes. 3.
6. The Defense will record 3 sacks.

Final Score. Saints-24 Bengals-20

1. The first is more of a wish than a prediction. The defense WILL BE BETTER!! (Please, oh God in Heaven!) Vilma will impress. He’ll tip a ball for a pick, by ohhhh let’s say Tracy Porter, and also cause a fumble on a different play. Jason David will finally make an offense pay for repeatedly throwing to his side by jumping a route for an INT. The D-line will get descent pressure and rack up a few sacks.

2. Colston will score again, as will Reggie. My main man Deuce will also pound one into the endzone from short yardage. Please, let’s all not even think about #26 getting injured. Just the mere thought of that makes me want to curl up into a fetal position and weep uncontrollably. Brees and Shockey will hook up several times. Shockey won’t get a TD in this one because the Bengals will be covering him pretty well.

3. Mehlhaff will finally kick one through the endzone (maybe he’ll get a strong wind at his back), but he’ll miss a field goal.

4. Henderson will drop another well-thrown ball.

5. Saints 34, Bengals 24

Your wish/prediction was correct, but just not in the manner you foresaw.

Henderson DOES drop a well thrown ball.

tisk1066 offense
Duece will carry the load for the first half. I see 70+yds for the game.
Bush will see 1TD on a passing play.
Colston will have 1TD
Drew Brees will have a damn near perfect passing record, but will throw an interception.
Shockey will open the field for Campbell, Colston, and Bush… I expect Shockey to have a decent game, but not great… but you will see the aforementioned three have much better games because of Shockey.
Much more pressure in the pass rush.
Mike mackenzie will have a pick 6.
Vilma will have an interception
Porter will look better but he will still blow a coverage or two. (still less than Chasin’ David who plays Cover Who?)
Special Teams
Skyler Green makes or breaks the his chances to get on the team this game. I think he will make it with a couple of 30yd returns.
Melhoff keeps the ball within the 5 yd line all game.
Final Score
Saints-35, Bengals-24

A little optimistic about Deuce. None of your offensive predictions are close.

Defense was a little more accurate

Alright guys, the polls are open below for you to choose who you think this weeks winner should be. You can also write in your vote as well if you didn't think I included them in the actual poll. I hope to see a better turnout in the voting this time around.

This week's funniest prediction goes to #23fan. Congrats go out to him. Now if he can only be funny and accurate!

As usual, the comment section is now open for your wild stabs at this weeks results. This one should be tough and keep in mind, the starters probably won't be playing much, if at all.