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2008 Training Camp Review - Day 10

Skyler's the Limit <--Pretty clever huh? Skyler Green was the man of the hour yesterday after his performance during the scrimmage. Being a local product, he is already a fan favorite, however it is widely believed that Green's chances of making this team as a wide receiver alone are slim to none and his special teams work will have to be what puts him over the edge. Heck, 52% of you, the majority I might add, chose him as the one receiver who doesn't make the team. Fortunately for Green, he is making a solid case. Was this kickoff return just a flash in the pan or can we expect him to regularly dial in this Devin Hester-like performance? Hester has shown the entire league the importance and power of a good return game, and that is a weapon the Saints have missed since Beer Man rode his beer truck out of town. All of this leads us to the "question of the day" below. Until then, here is your daily linkage.

If you want to hear Bobby Hebert's take on yesterday's scrimmage, check this article that includes an audio interview with the Cajun Cannon.

The usual Cox Sports TV Saints Minute video with Mike Nabors. This one features Marques Colston. Colston says Arrington is ahead of where Colston was at that point in his career. Awesome!

The Advocate's latest story offers quotes from Doug Marrone about an improved Saints offense.

“There really is room for improvement,” said Doug Marrone, the Saints’ offensive coordinator/offensive line coach. “Every year is a different year. We want to see our players that did well the year before do even better. It all comes down to making sure we’re putting them in the best position to make plays. That’s what we try to do.”

“This game is ever-evolving, you go back and you look at what you did last year and you want to build on it,” he said. “Then, you look back on what you didn’t do well and then you start doing some research. You’re always trying to stay ahead or catch up to what the defense is going.”

“We’re looking forward to having all those guys for the offense,” Marrone said. “It always goes down to the same thing: how the defense is going to perceive those players, how they’re going to try to defend those players.

“If they’re the ones they’re trying to defend, the other players have to get open. So everything really complements itself. The good thing is that we have a quarterback that can find the open target.”

Sedrick Ellis is starting to look good and here is what he had to say about his performance yesterday via this Times-Pic story.

"I think we did really well, especially on the D-line, " Ellis said. "We made some plays and got after the quarterback. We've got some wrinkles to iron out, but it was a pretty good day.

"It feels good to make any plays out here. You're in the NFL now, not in college anymore. Whenever you get a chance to make a play to help your team, it always feels good. I think I personally had two sacks. I don't think they gave me one, but it was obviously a sack in my opinion."

The kicking battle is starting to heat up and its neck and neck. gets a little deeper into the conflict.

This is the third year in a row that it's happened to me," said Gramatica, who played six seasons with Tampa Bay before splitting the 2006 season at Indianapolis and Dallas.


"I don't put any extra pressure on myself. I've put enough on myself to do the best that I can, it doesn't matter who they bring in."

"I've been fortunate enough to get shots," he said. "I've been out of football a couple of times and got opportunities. That's pretty much it, getting second chances."

Mehlhaff, on the other hand, is pretty cocky for a rook.

"You line me up against anyone on kickoffs and I can outperform them," Mehlhaff said. "I have so much confidence in my kickoffs, whether it's hang time or distance. I've got a big leg."

The Times-Pic had an article about Mark Simoneau and Skyler Green, who both had good days yesterday during the scrimmage.

Mark Simoneau

"I mean every time you go out there, it's an opportunity, " said Simoneau, who last season beat back a challenge by free-agent acquisition Brian Simmons and spent time on the sideline Saturday conversing with his latest challenger. "We've still got four preseason games left and a lot of training camp. I'm just looking to improve every play and get better.

"Jon and I get along fine. Playing the same position, we talk things over, how you see something. If you can help each other on a certain key you see and work that back and forth, it's only going to make you a better player.

"I knew he wasn't going to go. You know it's the 10th or 11th day out here, more like a game situation. It's still not like a game. You get a little simulation. But it's good to come out and try to make plays and execute what you've been learning."

Skyler Green

"I cut to the middle of the field, and whenever I see a crease I take it, " Green said of the kick return. "I saw the open field and I saw the green grass, and I took it."

"I think I went out and did everything I could do to show the coaches I've improved since I've been with the New Orleans Saints, and I'm ready to play some football. I can be a guy they can depend on to make some plays. I made the plays when they were there to be made. The return meant a lot to me. It showed the coaches I'm going to be a return guy, but I think I also showed them I can play wide receiver."

The Sun Herald says Reggie wants to prove himself this year. Where have I heard that before?

Reggie ignores Kim at training camp?

Question of the Day: Does Skyler Green make this team? Does yesterday's kickoff return change your feelings about Green in any way? Okay, that's two questions but whatever.