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CSC and Saints Evacuate

Things to pack for evacuation:

Saints season tickets. Check

Colston jersey. Check

Saints t-shirt purchased in NYC on the way to the Saints "home" game at Giants stadium following Katrina. Check

Autographed Drew Brees/Mike McKenzie Saints football. Check

Incredibly high stress level. Check

Like the New Orleans Saints team itself, I'm gettin' out of Dodge. By the time you guys read this this morning, I will be sitting in bumper to bumper contraflow traffic on my way to a Comfort Inn outside of Memphis as Gustav prepares to impose it's will on the Gulf Coast. With a little luck, I will have access to a decent internet connection and still be able to give you guys the same quality Saints coverage you have come to expect. I will be honest with you, however, and say that my heart really isn't into it as much as it normally is right now. Faced with the threat of losing valuable possessions, not having a source of income and my life being turned upside down in general, I am finding it hard to write anything of substance.

If we are to believe the words of New Orleans officials and local newscasters, the situation is pretty grim. Worse, even, then Hurricane Katrina three years ago. In some way, shape or form,however, you will still be able to keep up to date with your Saints info here on CSC. In the event that I will be unable to access CSC, Dave the Falconer, whom you have all already met, will take over for a little while and enact "Operation F**k Gustav."

To any CSC readers who reside in the projected path of Hurricane Gustav, I wish you all the best of luck. Hopefully we will all be able to return promptly and meet again in the dome on Sunday to cheer on our favorite team and inevitable 2008 NFL champions, the New Orleans Saints.

Enough of the morbid talk. Let's throw it back to you guys. Do you think this will affect the Saints? If so, how?