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Saints Training Camp Update - Day 11 (Afternoon)

Monday's two-a-days are over. Here is your essential info from this afternoon's practice session. More to come when it is released!

Must Reads

Fox 40's offensive notes from the afternoon practice.

Fox 40's defensive notes from the afternoon practice.

New Orleans Saints official website afternoon notes.

Times-Pic afternoon notes.

Larry Holder's notes from the afternoon.

Transcript of Coach Payton's press conference.

Transcript of Reggie Bush interview.

Transcript of Adrian Arrington interview.

Skyler Green's latest diary entry for WWL.

Check out today's photos from camp, thanks to the Clarion Ledger. Feel free to post your favorites in the FanShots.

The Times-Pic video wrap up of the days events.

The Associated Press had a story on defensive end Bobby McCray.

"When you start with a new team you have something to prove," McCray said. "You don't want to keep dwelling on what you've done in the past. If you just come in lackadaisical, they're going to feel like you're a bust and you don't want to have that on your shoulders."

"They think I'm probably just a slim defensive end that's just going to try to give you speed, but I'm going to give you variety," McCray said. "I can mix it up. I can beat you inside, beat you outside. I might run through you. You've just got to be ready for it."

"But I guarantee they're going to open their eyes and realize what we've got on that roster and what we've got coming in on Sunday."