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I love're only a day a-way.

(Breathes deeply and exhales. s*** eating grin on face.)

Just thought I would open with that. See a video of me performing it.

I am going to spare you from the generic "tomorrow is the first chance we get to see the results of all these offseason moves" rhetoric. That's for tomorrow.

Today I thought we would do something fun. And what can be more fun than making predictions, arguing nonsensically about them and vowing to kill each other. Nothing, I know, thats what I said too!

It's simple, here's how it's gonna work. All you do is make any random prediction about the game. Anything. It can be heads or tails on the coin toss (though that is stupid and I will make sure you are made fun of), a final score prediction, a certain stat or performance prediction or even an injury prediction. Nothing ridiculously obvious like "Drew will throw 10 passes" (again, expect ridicule). The funnier or more outrageous yet actually plausible, the better. Here are some examples:

  • Deuce will re-injure his knee and his season will be over.
  • After giving up yet another huge pass play, coach Payton will ream Jason David on the sideline so hard he won't be able to walk straight.
  • The Cardinals will score 3 touchdowns and 2 field goals.
  • Mehlhaff will make his kicks, Gramatica will not.

Then we can look back after the game and see who who was close and who was seriously toasted on ganja while making their guess. If we get a good response, we can make this a weekly thing with every game and even keep tally of correct predictions throughout the season.

So here is mine: Pierre Thomas gets two touchdowns but also fumbles once.

You're  up!