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Saints News: 8.06.08

One more practice this morning then its off to Arizona. Here are a couple of links to get your through the morning before I so kindly hook you up with a practice update later today.

Payton tells us his plans for the game tomorrow in regards to his starters.

"We typically try to break it into three phases," Payton said. "This first game usually involves somewhere around a quarter. It's easier to say plays than quarters, because the offense might have 21 plays in the first quarter, or the defense might have a certain amount of plays in the first quarter, so more importantly how much time are they getting, how many snaps are they getting." - Times- Pic

I love these Sports Talk audio clips. Here are Jon Stinchomb and Jahri Evans, respectively.

 SportsTalk - Jon Stinchcomb
 SportsTalk - Jahri Evans has five things they have been keeping their eye on during training camp and we should look for during the game tomorrow.

Scouts, Inc. has broken down all 32 offensive lines and ranked them. The Saints got a pretty decent ranking, coming in at the number nine spot.

The Saints allowed a measly 16 sacks last year despite Drew Brees' 652 pass attempts. Brees, who is exceptional at feeling the rush and getting the ball out quickly, deserves some of the credit, but obviously, his protection was exceptional as well. However, the Saints didn't do nearly as good a job opening holes for the running backs, who averaged just 3.7 yards per rush. This stark contrast obviously puts a ton of pressure on Brees and the Saints' passing game, but that group has stepped up quite well. Still, to be an elite offense, New Orleans is going to have to run the ball with more consistency. Jammal Brown is one of the top left tackles in the league, but the Saints lost Jeff Faine to division rival Tampa Bay. Jonathan Goodwin, who is bigger and more powerful at the point of attack, will take over at center, but overall, this is a downgrade, and Faine's nasty edge and leadership will be missed. Keep an eye on underrated RG Jahri Evans. He has a chance to develop into one of the best guards in the game today.

Another article about Meachem. This one is from The Advocate.

“This is a very exciting moment for me,” he said. “This game is going to be very important because I want to make plays and show the coaches that this is what they drafted as the No. 1 pick last year.”

The article also reminds us about the love affair that has blossomed between Meachem and Patten.

Getting to know you article from the Sun Herald on Scott Shanle.

"The way '06 went, we kind of caught lightning in a bottle and everything we did went right," Shanle said. "I think going into '07 we took that for granted and that things were going to go the same way.

"After one year, we should be better in '07 and thing didn't happen that way. So I think this year, we're going to learn a lesson from 2007, which wasn't fun at the time, but if I can learn a lesson from it, it'll help this year."

"My first year coming here and getting thrown into things, thrown into the fire, it was just a kind of thing that I was playing about 100 miles an hour and I knew I was going to make mistakes," Shanle said. "I really made more plays doing it that way.

"Last year, I understood the system better, but I think I got to the point where I was overthinking and trying not to make any mistakes. It led to not making as many plays."

"I knew even when Dan was on the roster, there were still things I knew I had to improve - open-field tackling, being more physical in the running game and just getting back to the things I did well in '06," Shanle said. "I knew if I did those things that I'd be confident that I'd be the starter and have a chance to prove that on the field."

Reggie Bush's third cousin has high aspirations.

Question of the Day: Where are you watching the game from tomorrow night?