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Saints @ Redskins: Prediction Results

Time yet again to see how well all of you did predicting the results of yesterdays game. Here is what you guys thought would happen.

Member Name Prediction Analysis

Reggie Bush will end the day with 125 yards receiving and 1 receiving TD and 45 yards on the ground.
The triumphant return of Deuce and for him to get 75 yards and 1 TD.
Shockey will end up with just shy of 100 passing yards but 2 TDs (one long bomb down the middle and one red zone TD)
Look for Drew Brees to rack up another 350 yard passing day with 4 TDs.

I wish!

Saints 28, Skins 23
Reggie has 129 all purpose yards and a fumble.
Devery, Patten, Shockey, and Moore all have at least 2 catches.
Deuce does not play again.
PT is held to less than 80 yards and no TD.
D has 2 sacks again and a fumble recovery.
Josh Bullocks is the goat.

Hmm...PT does have less than 80 but does have a TD. Defense has two sacks. Sort of close.


Saints 27, Redskins 24

The game will be much closer than it should be. Because we’re missing starters at corner, safety, and linebacker, Washington will be able to run off several big plays, and convert more than 50% of their 3rd downs.

Brees will have another stellar game (no Washington sacks…Jason Taylor will be a non-factor); Reggie will look solid but not spectacular (somewhere around 50/50); same for Pierre Thomas. Deuce will play sparingly. Shockey will get at least one TD. And Gramatica will win it on the last play.

Close game but they didn't convert 50%. Reggie was close to 50/50 and Deuce's two carries could be considered sparingly.


Saints 27, Skins 17

Shockey puts up 5 catches for 100+ and a TD
PT gets 80
Bush gets 20 rush, 80 receiving
Patton gets a TD
saints get 5 sacks and 2 ints

Portis gets two 30+ yard runs and at least one TD
no big plays by washington in passing game (not counting screens to portis)

Only part that was close was the Portis prediction.


Saints win 31 to 17
—Bush gets more carries, does better on the ground than last week and better than ppl think, 80 yards receiving or less. (And any haters or skeptics start making comments like, “Wow he did bring it, finally—lets see what happens next game”) he again eclipses some personal record (i.e. longest run, reception, yards or ypc for a game)
—Shockey is big this game catches a couple red zone tds
—Henderson has another solid game giving people some hope in him, but he drops one that was thrown bad but catchable.
+Meachum performs well but no touchdowns, 70 yards or less.
We pressure the heck out of Campbell totalling 4 sacks for the game.

Brees is definitely the player of the game, with honorable mention going to Bush and a defensive player.
The game actually isn’t as close as it looks

Not really.

Saints 27- Skins 20


Another 300+ game for Brees. 1 TD

Reggie—130 all purpose yards, 1 TD

Thomas—90 yards, 1 TD

Grammatica- 2 field goals

Saints defense gives up its first big play, a 50+ yard TD pass to Moss—Bullocks will be burned.

Smith and Ellis get their first sacks

Smith got his first sack. Saints do give up a big pass play to Moss.

Saints win 41 to 13

Brees 4 TDs 350+ yards
Bush 110yrds rushing 1 TD, 60 yards receiving
Meachem 140 yards receiving 2 TDs
Shockey 110 yards receiving 1 TD
Patten 60 yards receiving
Karney 2 yards receiving 1 TD

Defense plays even better with 6 sacks and 3 INTs

I knew from the beginning this one was too optimistic.

I am having this sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach that we could lose but I don’t think we will.

1. Saints 24, Skins 21
2. Late FG by my boy Martin will win the game. (suck it, stujo)
3. Shockey gets a receiving TD on an out pattern in the red zone.
4. Grant and Ellis get a sack apiece.
5. Brees will have a pedestrian (by his standards) game, 280 yds, 2 TDs, no picks, and a 18 yd scramble for a first down on third and 17.

Should have listened to your stomach. The rest of your predictions were a little off.

saints 27 skins 16

patten td catch
bush has a quiet game
brees spreads it out

Not bad. PT has a TD. Brees always spreads it around.

since I was so terrible last week, I will keep it simple…

Saints win

Can't even get that one right!

I’m putting my money on the SKins running for a proverbeal ass-ton of yardage. Portis AVG over 6ypc. I don’t want to see it, but with the injuries we have sustained are going to hurt the run more than the pass defense. That’s going to keep the game closer than any of us wan’t to see.

The offense will play well though.
Meachem does his best Henderson impression and drops a gift, Payton later goes back to him, and he comes up big for 35+ when it REALLY matters.
Patten plays well, but Lance Moore gets the most catches, over 8, but only averages less than 10ypc.
Shockey gets at least 3 3rd down conversions.
Bush will break a couple off, I’m thinking a big special teams play.

Interesting. Portis had 96 yards. Not sure if that qualifies as an "ass-ton" but it was a pretty good performance. Bush did have a big special teams play.

I will be going to the game and hopefully watching the Saints pull off a victory. The price you pay for being a Saints fan in the Washington DC area around a bunch of Skins fans is you can talk trash most of the time and it won’t affect you. Now that this is the 3rd time since I have been living up here that we face the Skins (the first 2 times we won), I am hoping this 3rd time will be a charm. I think it will be a close one, especially with our injuries, mainly Harper and Colston and the fact that the Skins are coming off of 3 extra days rest and are hungry for a win. I think they will try to run Portis and Betts on us, which should provide some production, so our defense will have to show up. If the defense plays half way decent, I think this will be a high scoring game, with the Saints pulling off the close one, 27-24, Geaux Saints!

Another prediction regarding the Skins run game. Pretty close.

1. Deuce will play and get around 50 yards and will score a short yardage TD
2. Reggie will be the star of the game with 120+ total yards and a TD
3. Get used to hearing this from the game announcers—“Brees to Shockey,” “Brees to Shockey.” Look for no. 88 to play a larger role this game with 80 to 100 yards and a TD. Look for the Shockmeister to go nuts in the endzone when he scores that first one.
4. Vilma will be the star of the defense with 12+ tackles and a sack
5. Henderson will drop a pass but will also score a TD.

Not as good as usual Satch. Close on Vilma. The Shockmeister was more like the Suckmesiter.

Not too many amazing predictions here. No had the courage to pick the Saints to lose. Just as a note, I decided not to count Reggie's punt return yards as all-purpose yardage.

You guys vote for the winner!