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Saints @ Broncos: Pre-game Open Thread

I don't know about you guys but I always like these later games. Don't have to wake up early. Have time to relax and think about the upcoming task at hand. Maybe get brunch/lunch before the matchup. Check out the early games. (Atlanta is beting KC!)

However I hate to say it but I am very nervous about this game. If the Saints play the way they did last week I am affraid they will not be able to beat a talented AFC team like the Broncos. The good news is that if there was a game to lose this season this one would be it. It's the NFC and divisional games that are most important.

The Saints will have to do a lot of things right today and will have to really execute their gameplan succesfully. If the Saints get a win today I think it will be safe to say that they played well, they played as a team, they ran the ball well, the defense showed up, and Drew played lights out. Also, we might have gotten a little lucky too! If that is the case we may very well look back on this game as a turning point in the season saying, "That game against the Broncos was when we finally got our act together and righted this ship!"

Consider this post like a mini-open thread. If anyone is around and want to talk about the games that are on now or about the approaching Saints-Broncos game here is the place to do it. I will be around and maybe some of you guys will be too!