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Saints @ Broncos: Who Dat Say!?

In case you were starting to feel a little better about Sundays loss this ought to make you feel a little worse. I've put together a pretty decent collection of quotables, mostly from the Broncos side of things.

Make the jump if you feel like re-living the misery one more time.

Denver is 3-0 Despite a Shaky Defense

"It doesn't feel like we won this game," Broncos cornerback and captainChamp Bailey said. "They should have never been in this football game. We have to play better ... We need to be winning games by a lot more with the offense we have."

-Champ Bailey

"Sometimes, it's good to be a little lucky," Bailey said.

-Champ Bailey

"Our defense made a play when they had to," Broncos coach Mike Shanahan said.

-Mike Shanahan

Broncos Hold Off Comeback, Beat Saints 34-32

"It’s nice to give up 32 points and still win the football game," Denver coach Mike Shanahan said. "That’s the bottom line, you’ve got to find a way to win."

-Mike Shanahan

"We’ve got to be the luckiest team right now because of what’s going on," Broncos cornerback Champ Bailey said. "We put ourselves in those situations, but right at the end things have been happening for us. You’ve got to take it as a good sign."

-Champ Bailey

"The hold was good and he made good contact," holder Steve Weatherford said. "Other than that, I can’t tell much more. He may have been making an adjustment for the one he missed at the end of the half."

-Steve Weatherford

"We’re living on the edge," quarterback Jay Cutler said. "Offensively, we got the job done. We left a lot out there. I didn’t play very well, missed some stuff, but defense stepped up when they had to."

-Jay Cutler

"Somebody’s living right in that locker room," Cutler said. "We’ve got to straighten some stuff offensively and defensively. Special teams played well today, but we’ve got to tighten it up because we can’t keep doing this. We’re getting lucky at the end."

-Jay Cutler

"Luckiest" Broncos slip by Saints 34-32

"It's tough. Every possession counts for us offensively," said Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler, who admittedly wasn't at his best Sunday, but still threw for 264 yards and two touchdowns. "We feel like we have to score every time."

-Jay Cutler

"It's a very different philosophy than we'd seen," said Saints quarterback Drew Brees. "But I thought we did a good job of adjusting quickly."

-Drew Brees

Saints' Brees still winless in Denver

"We had some great drives, we had some big plays," he said. "Unfortunately, we just couldn't convert when we really needed to."

-Drew Brees

"We had the fumble that was returned for the touchdown, the nonconversion at the end of the half and the nonconversion at the end of the game," Brees said. "So you can really look at three plays that kind of tarnished this performance offensively, and it cost us the game."

-Drew Brees

"It's frustrating. You wanted to get a little bit closer, make it a more manageable field goal, and obviously wind the clock down to the point where, you kick it, game over, you win,"

-Drew Brees

Broncos Show Flexibility Form

"It gave our defense a different look and I think for a while, it gave us an edge," Winborn said. "It worked for a while, but then they made some adjustments and at halftime, we came back with some adjustments of our own."

-Jamie Winborn

"I thought I did pretty good," Moss said. "I got a few (pressures), some chances to get a few sacks but it didn't work out. It felt great to be out there.

-Jarvis Moss

"I was saying that I'm going to try to blast it," Prater said. "I leaned it back a little more and tried to get it up. I was hitting the sweet spot. Hopefully I can do it every week now."

-Matt Prater, on his three touchbacks

"I knew I had to get that punt off," Kern said. "I was aiming for the pylon and came pretty close to it."

-Brett Kern, on this final punt at the end of the game

"It's the name of the game. If I was them, I'd double-cover me, too," Bush said with a smile. "It was the smart thing to do."

-Reggie Bush

"I was trying to lunge forward while getting the snap, and didn't do a good enough job of securing,"

-Drew Brees, on his fumble

Broncos report: Problems on defense just 'miscommunication'

"All the plays we gave big yardage or a touchdown, it was miscommunication between us,'' Williams said. "It's not that we're getting beat physically, it's just us communicating with each other - or lack of communication.''

-D.J. Williams

"The thing you do know is Philip Rivers and Drew Brees are exceptional,'' Shanahan said. "You give them a certain look and they're going to take advantage of it.''

-Mike Shanahan

Quick-strike attack paying dividends for Broncos

"When teams come in thinking you have that capability and, all of a sudden, they're down 21 points, it's their worst nightmare coming true. And it puts them in a bind to play better and with more pressure," Broncos right tackle Ryan Harris said. "It gives us confidence at the same time that we can do things that allow us to win games."

-Ryan Harris

Denver has been down 3-0 road before

"I was hoping he'd miss," said Broncos running back Michael Pittman, a teammate of Gramatica's with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, where the kicker went to the Pro Bowl, a Super Bowl and is that franchise's all-time leading scorer. "Everybody's human and makes mistakes."

-Michael Pittman

"We're in a good spot," Broncos receiver Brandon Stokley said.

"We've won two games where, at the end, it could have gone either way. But that's what good teams do. They find a way to win."

-Brandon Stokley

"We do have to tighten some things up because we can't keep doing this," said Cutler, who threw for 264 yards and two TDs but spearheaded an offense that nonetheless left points on the field in the red zone and with a couple of critical turnovers. "I mean, we're getting lucky toward the end, a little bit."

-Jay Cutler

Broncos survive late charge from Saints to stay unbeaten

"You win by one, you win by two or you win by a hundred, it's a win," defensive tackle Kenny Peterson said."Well, it'd be a lot nicer to win by a hundred, a little easier on us, but we're 3-0 and it's a lot better to go back to work 3-0 than it would be 1-2."So that's where we're at and that's where we like to be. Fixing things at 3-0."

-Kenny Peterson

"I mean, you take leads likes that and people aren't going to run the ball, they're going to throw it," Broncos safety Marlon McCree said. " . . . People are going to talk about however many millions of yards we're giving up, but those stats are skewed."

-Marlon McCree

I would have done the same thing, I wouldn't have even thought about it,"

-Mike Shanahan, on Payton's 4th and 1 decision to go for it

"We expected the run to come on the right side, which it did," McCree said. "They tried to go to the left side the three previous plays and we came up with the stop."

-Marlon McCree

Denver defense again dodges danger

"When you get a team down 21-3, they're not going to run the ball," he said. "You could put my mom back there, and she's going to make about half the completions. She's got five sons so she's thrown a lot of footballs in her day. All jokes aside, when you're up on team like that, teams are going to go away from the run game and make some completions."

-Marlon McCree

"Nate Webster read the play perfect and hit the running back in the backfield," Williams said. "That saved seven points. If they had scored that touchdown they would have won the game. It was a huge momentum swing and a huge moment in the game."

-D.J. Williams, on the 4th and 1 play at the end of the half

"It's not going to be like that every week," he said. "We just have to step up. It's a work in progress. The good thing is that it's still early in the season. We aren't doing this in November or December. If we were, it would be scary."

-Ebenezer Ekuban

Broncos report: Scheffler avoids being the goat after fumble

"I was thinking the same thing 70,000 other people were thinking, only with a little more vested interest maybe," Scheffler said. "And maybe with a few more choice words in there.

"I'm glad it worked out."

-Tony Scheffler, on his fumble

"That's a tough play," Scheffler said. "It was a hard catch, and he comes in and makes a good play. I was lucky to not cost us the game with that play.

" . . . I can look forward to next week."

-Tony Scheffler

"I couldn't really see it, but it was a turnover, and with a timeout I thought I'd take a chance," Shanahan said. "I thought there was a chance."

-Mike Shanahan

"We kept after it, and this team's got guts," Scheffler said.

" . . . When you play that hard and you've got this much character as we do in this room, things tend to go your way. We have a lot of confidence right now."

-Tony Scheffler

"He's better in New Orleans than he was in San Diego," Broncos cornerback Champ Bailey said. " . . . He's more confident."

-Champ Bailey, on Drew Brees

"I guess Tony and a few other guys went over to coach and told him to throw the flag," Marshall said. "And I was in."

-Brandon Marshall, on his out-of-bounds touchdown reversal

Missed chances trouble Saints

"The tough thing was, in the beginning, they were giving us different looks than what we had worked on all week," said Saints receiver Lance Moore. "It took us a little time to adjust to it and get things going, but once we got it going we were fine.

"It stings that we didn't get this game, but I think we can build on this for the future. We moved the ball fairly well, but it doesn't mean anything if you don't get the victory."

-Lance Moore

"That was frustrating, because you get a new set of downs, you get a few extra yards and get it a little bit closer to make it a more manageable field goal," said Saints quarterback Drew Brees. "I don't think there was any doubt in our minds. We just had to weather the storm. We were playing a very good opponent in a very tough place to play.

"I felt like we really responded well. We had some great drives. We had some big plays. Unfortunately, we just couldn't convert when we really needed to."

-Drew Brees

The Morning After

"Honestly I asked one of the Saints players, 'Are you confident he is going to make it?' and he said yeah," D.J. Williams said. "He missed the first one so you know it is in the kicker's head. You had the two minute warning -- you get to ice it. He knows the game rides on his shoulders."

-D.J. Williams

"Miss. Be a bad kick," Brandon Stokley chimed in. "I was preparing myself for a make and getting back out there to drive the ball down there to kick our own field goal and win the game."

-Brandon Stokley

"I knew we were going to do everything we could to get pressure on him and try and make him push it and that is what happened," Boss Bailey said. "I was just happy that he pushed it."

-Boss Bailey

"Whatever it is, whoever that person, that angel is, I hope they stay on our side," he said. "Because these wins have been great, they've been close, but like I said it just shows the character of our team to be able to stay poised and stay together and still be able to stick it out in the end."

-Dre Bly